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What Is the Science of "Removing the Soul" / " Meraga-Sukma " ?

Many peoples who want to master the science of Meraga-Sukma. How is the real secret? Is it true Meraga-Sukma can only be performed by the method of penance or by asking the genie?

You may have heard stories of high magicians person, who was able to visit his relatives just by concentrating. or, you may never watch a movie about a warrior who fought from a distance with the "subtle body" was a warrior who becomes his opponent. that kind of thing is characteristic of a person who has science body-soul, which indeed can be used to release his soul without being limited by space and time.

Meraga-sukma Science, or many people have interpreted as Astral Projection, Release Sukma, Pangaracutan, Mental Projection, out of Body Experience, even Astral Projection, is a process of release of soul from body for travel that is not limited by space and time. This process is then complete when all five senses flavors brought out the culprit, so his soul can hear, feel, see and feel the surrounding environment with a real soul itself.

Keep in mind, the process of  "meraga"  does not release the real soul spirit, but just projected the energy of mind which is called soul. If we release spirit can lead to death. Therefore the soul can take back  mind energy and traveled the world. so that it can live again. Mind or soul energy will automatically return to the body under certain conditions, such as shock, suppressed energy, and so forth.

Spirit or soul is the human ability to be invisible, supernatural, or metaphysical. While the soul or spirit is very complex consisting of several sub-sub-constituent.

One of the sub-sub is the ability Subconscious or some call it ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), or also called Sixth Sense. subconscious ability actually even this complex as well. only a definite, all of which is clearly a boon granted by Allah Almighty to every human being, since he was born with its unique.

Typical properties of the Sixth Sense is the ability of sensory abilities are not limited by space and time. With this unique nature of the Sixth Sense is able to do activity "between dimension" or Transdimensi.

May also be understood in a simple, what is called soul or spirit can be analogous to the software (software) on your computer. We know that the software itself is divided into several classifications according to the needs of users.

If the computer software whose name is known as the Operating System base the activities of all computer activity, the soul or spirit we also have a component that serves as the basis of activities throughout the life of our activities in the Koran called soul.

So the soul is not actually release activities make our body without the spirit is empty fill it. Why? Because we are in fact not a "REMOVE" soul but to leverage our ability to perform Extra Sensory exploration of inter-dimensional.

The process to release soul only use the ability of the brain are complex. Contrary to what people think release the light and the soul is the form of four-five sense brother. It is far from the reality.

The human brain is an organ that is extraordinary and very complex. As we know human being brain is divided into numerous sections, each of which set up a functioning system of human being body, as there is a specific set of sensory nerves, then there is a special set for motor neurons, and others. And one of the important functions in the brain, there is a part of the brain which has the task as a "supervisor", which is overseeing the entire body of work so it runs properly. Well, part of the brain is constantly working even though we fell asleep. The proof is that although we are all asleep, the body such as the heart continues to pump blood to and from the whole body, or the lungs that continues to suck the oxygen and release CO2, and others. Without this part of the brain of our body will not function when we sleep so we can die as a result, the failure of body functions.

One other important part of the brain is a part of the brain responsible for sensory analyzes each message received and sent in the form of the body to the brain neurotransmitters, such as from the eye, so that we can see, from the skin so that we can be a pain when we tasted a thorn, of the ear so that we can hear, and so forth. The brain is very important for humans because if the brain is not functioning properly then we will not be able to see, hear, taste, smell, and others. Although the eyes, ears, skin, and no normal nose broken at all, but if the brain had been damaged then there would be no meaning at all.

If we can enable the two parts of the brain above the maximum, then we will be able to release the soul. The trick is that we should be able to create awareness of our brain to stay awake, even though our bodies are all asleep. By maintaining full awareness of the brain when we sleep, then when we no longer feel the body (can not move / feel your body at all but we are still fully conscious), then our minds can "hover" anywhere, go to wherever we want freely as if we're awake.

An important thing that needs to be emphasized is the ability to release soul is pure ability to manipulate the brain's ability, not the spirit. So if we assume release is to release soul or spirit lives, it is obviously the same is not true. The proof is that we can still be free to return to our wadag body, without any strange things. Imagine, if the spirit of course we can not return to the body wadagnya, except with the permission of Allah SWT in the case of a specific and rare in nature.

The Person who want to release the soul must have an energy body that is large enough to be able to cast out the spirit body, and dipergunaskan for trips outside the body. That person should know the techniques to be trained to release spirit of discipline and continuous.

A friend once taught a method of Chikung exercise guide that contains a variety of six-senses to practice techniques with pure breathing. one method of release soul with relaxation method, coupled to release the soul of certain respiratory called levitation Mind Meditation. This method is very safe and effective for beginners do. Here's how:

1. You lie on the floor with ease. Put your hand at your sides with your thumb and forefinger touching. Close your eyes and put your tongue on the palate.

2. You do draw breath from the nose and mouth with a rule out of breath:

 -Take a breath and exhale 50% and take a breather from that point and remove it all.

- Take a breath and exhale 90% and take a breather from that point and exhale all.

- Take a breath and exhale, then take a breath of 1% from that point and exhale all.

- Take a breath and remove 100% and then take a breather from that point and remove all are.

- Take a breath and take out 30% then take a breather from that point and remove it.

- Take a breath and then remove 20% of the points that take the breath and exhale it all.

3. You breathe naturally for 5 minutes and end with meditation.

4. You open the eyes and intend to release the soul. After that let your body relax and stay in bed while lying down until you enter a very relaxed state, or half asleep. Because at that moment you experience the sensation of spinning or movement of energy in the body that wants to get out. When your body becomes two then you stay in control "subtle body" or soul for a walk.

Technique methods meraga soul levitation mind meditation chi kung is very safe and effective. you are doing step exercises correctly able to remove the soul is only a few times a practice. if you want to restore the "subtle body" or soul is only intended it interesting soul enter the body and open your eyes.

Indeed, the so-called Science Meraga Sukma only exploit the potential of the brain projecting and melevitasikan mind to get out of the body. The process requires the help of a large energy of body that can be stimulated by a specific method of breathing.

Keep in mind, the control of soul release a lot of people who use the method of penance which usually require the help of the genie. These methods help clear the genie can not be justified in Islamic law because we have collaborated with the the genie Allah prohibited to connect with the genie (Read QS. Al-Jinn: 9).

In addition, the method of penance collaboration with the the genie obviously had negative effects medically. For example, the genie only help menproyeksikan melevitasikan thought out and manipulate the body with the nervous system of our brain, so that could potentially interfere with our nervous system if we are not really strong and ready.

Safest and most effective method is by harnessing the potential of human being body itself, which is only by increasing the body's energy capacity to be able to menlontarkan soul out of the body, and make the trip out of the body. would require intensive training to a specific period.


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