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Chronology Assets Mandate Trusty of Soekarno

In the early 14th Century :
Empire Assets and the King's of Nusantara (Cirebon, Galuh-Pakuan, Sriwidjaja, Banten, Minang, Riau, Deli, Kutai, Bone, Goa, Luwut, Ternate, NTT, etc.), in amount of ± $ 200. 'Trillion USD (in gold, diamonds, etc.) in the Save at Juchrigh Bank - Germany (at that time is a new  bank in Juchrigh only available in the WORLD).

In the early 17th Century :
In 1602 the Nusantara has invaded by Netherlands about  ± 3.5 'centuries.
For Empire / the King's of Nusantara against the Dutch, early the Data Administration's Assets owned by  kingdoms Nusantara has scorching, only for Kingdom of Amangkurat-'I. the administration data assets that still has Whole Remains by The Netherlands because the King from Amangkurat-I, he is the lickers dutch.

(a) one- King Amangkurat-1 Evidence ss a sycophant to Netherlands are:
Prince Girilaya of Cirebon Kingdom, as the son in law of King Amangkurat-'I, The hoax "Dinning Invitation ".presence King Cirebon-II with the Wife & two kids ( first kids 11'years old, the second 9 'years old) arrested and detained along with her ​​son for 10'th  (then his wife back to Cirebon), till death Prince Girilaya, was buried in Girilaya Hill ​​- Solo.

(b) For Prince Girilaya as King Cirebon-II in custody in Solo, in order to fill the vacancy, the Sultanate Cirebon held by relatives of Kasepuhan Banten Kingdom, as King Cirebon.

(c) On The Death of King Cirebon-'II, the Elders sent Sultan Trunodjoyo/King Madura (nephew grandson of Sunan Gunung Jati), taking both  of King Cirebon Son's that still being held to resume the throne King Cirebon..

* Sultan Trunodjoyo seeking a negotiations to pick-up King Cirebon Son's to King Amangkurat-1, but produces a deadlock (failure)

* Finally, Sultan Trunodjoyo taking on forced the path of war, and Sultan Trunojoyo successufully brings both the King Son's.

 The Crown Prince / hir brother, secured by the uncle of his mother (the throne successor King Amangkurat-I) was taken to Mount Lawu, until his sister was sworn enthroned be King Cirebon-III,because of reports by Sultan Trunodjoyo that said Crown Prince / his brother, were lost / died in Battle .

* But after the uncle of King Cirebon Son, King reigns Amangkurat-II, the lapse 3 years period, the relation between Solo Kingdom and Cirebon Kingdom back to normal again.

* King Amangkurat II (uncle son of King Cirebon) Crown Prince ordered to return to the throne Cirebon for continuing be King of Cirebon, until the establishment of two empire Cirebon, namely elderly Sultan Kasepuhan  &  Sultan Anom Kanoman Cirebon.

3). In The Year 1938
United States of America was setting "Soekarno" to restructure all the assets of Nusantara Kingdoms and asked for transfer the title on behalf of private Soekarno.

* Notte:
a). Submission of grant engineering by King Solo & King Yogya which in the name of all the King's of Nusantara.
Red : The assets of the two king's such are entirity/ not granted.
the King's Nusantara heirs, not received a penny (not receiving inheritance rights).

4). In The Year 1944
World Bank standing on basis Colateral of King's Nusantara. and the USA was setting Soekarno to provide loans to the 40 nation states, as authorized capital as founding the World Bank.
that's the reason why united state of america (USA) become strong and with the USA free printing money in dollar and arrange strategy weapons for preparation mastering the world.

5). In The Year 1945
World War II, Japanese surrender, giving independence to Indonesia.
Some Facts :
(a). Soekarno in one speech once said : "if Japan was not get out of the land of Nusantara, then I will ask the assistance of the U.S to rebuke Japan". after the state was dropped atom bomb, the government of Japan submitting independence to Indonesia. and the letters od Independence handed over to Soekarno in U.S Mother Ship (sea waters in Japan).
(b). Soekarno was appointed as Head of United Nation. so not at the time a lot of foreigner peoples which smarter than Soekarno..?! " No More Strange" because the establishment of the World Bank  standing on the basis of the treasures assets of empires / King's of Nusantara.
and until to date, there is no position as Head of the United Nation besides Soekarno, there is only Secretary General of United Nation.

Note :
(a). at the centery-14, great grandfathers of the Sultans/King's of Nusantara have kept theirs treasures assets in Juchrigh bank Germany.
why Soekarno silent ?

(6). at year 1950 - 1953
Soekarno as a grants recipient treasures assets of King's Nusantara give delegation The Colateral  funds  to his colleagues and families (including his family and wife's)  by the thousands of billions of USD. Now, already in behind the name, the name for the descendants of they each.

(7). at year 1954
Partially funds remaining colateral assets stored such in World Bank, Soekarno surrender on the asset treasure securities such are mandate, the figures state and submitted to the 73 peoples called as Pinisepuh/scholars, because there is interest practical political conspiracy, namely :

In 1955, First Election, Soekarno has appointed as "President for Life".
Note :
a). the recipient of the delegation funds getting royalty of the colateral every year, but for a fiduaciary not getting royalty at all.
who enjoyed the royalties of the colateral from World Bank Funds, UBS etc...? who else if not colleagues and his families.
(b). Need establishment "LEVARN" / Agency Executive   verification Assets of King's Nusantara.

(c). Purpose & Goals :
On repository the assets of King's Nusantara that is stored in early century-14 in Juchrigh Bank-Germany,etc.  with a value of ± $ .200. 'Trillion USD, which has grants to personal Soekarno (joint operation engineering with USA). good value of beginning at capital funds of World Bank and the establishment been transeferred to the other. turn now to the name for the name of family lineage and his colleagues (outside the mandate).
Then it must be verified / formal judicial procedures for the Heirs.
Then it must be verified / formal judicial procedures to resolve the rights of heirs and the nation.

(d). At a ghatering of all bloodline of the Sultans and Kings in Bali Island afew years ago, as the heirs epecting rights justice  above embezzled such are the assets.
Hopefully the recipient and the recipient rights delegation mandate, aware on such grants peculiarity, that's not him treasures rights.

8). Why Soekarno out of the United Nations between the Year 1959 s / d 1963, and his speech fully of anger and have anti-imperialist, anti Nekolim ?
Because the collateral  funds can not be used for development unitary republic of Indonesia, keeping with a five-year development plan that has been in the programs, then  alias is always complicated by the USA.

9). U.S. concerned to Silencing Soekarno. Also for reasons of the financial collateral funds, it is also because Soekarno had formed a triangular shaft -> Peking - Jakarta - Pyongyang.
Furthermore, through conspiracy and deceit, the United States acting as the mastermind behind the fall of Sukarno from the presidency.

10). Three of the generals (who Involved in underground movement, US-made ')  comes & pointing the guns  to the head of Sukarno to push sign a "SUPER-SEMAR".

Note :
(a) the contents of SUPER-SEMAR  be modified (be falsified) by them and handed over to Soeharto (becomes a second president of Indonesia).
 Soekarno resignation & Soeharto Served as a second President of Indonesia..

11). Around the year 1995,
7 (seven) The holder of grants Letters Soekarno, Meet  president Soeharto to sugested the government can use these Colateral Funds for the Development of the Republic of Indonesia.

Note :
The Colateral Funds (which is in The World Bank) it can not be liquidated, but can be used as collateral to print IDR money.
President Suharto filed a license for printing money IDR (Rupiah) over the Guarantee Funds Colateral.

12). IMPLEMENTING THE WORLD BANK INTERNATIONAL MONETARY BOARD MEETING, to decide Licensing About Printing Money IDR (Rupiah) for the Government of Indonesia. 10-State Reject to give consent (including the U.S. and their allies), the remaining allowed.

On the basis of voting, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in year1996 make Printing Money IDR (Rupiah) for "Rp.13.800 Trillion" by Guarantee 5 'colateral (one of the 'Colateral is controlled on behalf of grandparent Roso Solo with worth 5,000.' Trillion, the assets belonged of the Kingdom of Cirebon  ± Rp.85.000. trillion.).

Note : 
13). Printing Money EUR conducted in Germany and Israel in 1996 (Australia as Winner of project tender).
Other Side of the U.S. and its allies began to conspire to damage the stability international economy.

14). In March 1997,
The Money that has been printed by Australia arrived at the Port in Central Java Cilacap, the status is still in the name of the trust was located outside the Warehouse Bank of Indonesia.

New ± 9% the Money Registered and was verified by Bank of Indonesia, there happened PRACTICAL POLITICS "MONETARY CRISIS". Because GEORGE SOROS making purchases Rupiah Currency in huges paid with USD.
Printed in the form of Money Rp. 100,000 Plastic fractions, Printed 1997.

15). U.S  more incentive to do Conspiracy, consciously or unconsciously many elements of society that are included in deceit and SCENARIO 'from U.S.

b). Some of POLITICAL FIGURE DOLL formed by the U.S., which is 4 peoples, known as "SMAG"
(c). occurrence RIOTS May of 1988, which is coordinated by a figure Youth On Printed by SMAG.

16). Soeharto's resignation and BJ HABIBIE Served as President of Indonesia.

17). The fall of Soeharto, his Commanding 49'peoples GENERAL (7'peoples-4-star general and 42'peoples star generals-2) for securing warehouses that still status  Money IDR (Rupiah) is still the name of a mandate.

18). President BJ. HABIBIE politicized by the U.S. for Realized "REFERENDUM TEAMS", with PROMISE if implemented with "HONEST and FAIR", then it will be supported HABIBIE Appointed to Republic of Indonesia for next President.

Note :
Habibie deceived by 'the United States and their allies. the Poll Results was manipulated (calculated  the Sound Card in THE WHITE HOUSE  of United States, is not counted in the Field) and Habibie Responsible for Release of East Timor from the Republic of Indonesia.

That fall Habibie, is Impact deceived PRACTICAL POLITICS. Actually because Habibie Is Not Mission U.S - ism, but Habibie is "Germany - ism".

19). Fragility of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. and the majority of figures countries were involved in SINS "RIOTS MAY 1998".

'United States holds the black card of the State figures are involved. Then freely dictating Government of Indonesia.
Might say, Since then the Government shall only become the Doll  of 'U.S. and is not be able to remove themselves from the grip of 'the United States.


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