Saturday, April 21, 2012

Generating Enchantment of Aura In Dzikir

Aura is seen as a radiant energy in a person's face. Although the actual aura surrounding the whole body. Aura tends to fluctuate following the person's mental condition. In general aura colors can be red, black, yellow, blue, etc.. Sometimes a person's aura is formed from combinations of those colors.

Example, someone struggling economy, it is likely a black aura. But if there is a little blue aura, indicates the person is still likely to rise again his business.

In addition, fair-skinned person may have an aura of dark and dull. In contrast, blacks often exude an aura of bright, light and unsightly.

"but it's not easy to see or detect the aura, even we can be fooled by the appearance of a person," said Surmino, 36, spiritualist from Pandeglang, west Java.

He gave an example, a macho man, well dressed and articulate, often managed to outwit the woman. In fact, when detected aura of the man might emitting a bad color.

"Someone is going bad and was in the stage going to do bad. his actions, it also can be seen from the radiant aura," he said. so far, the detection of aura through photography can be done or known by the term Kyrlian photography, he added.

Further said, mental or psychological condition that worsens a person's beam aura variety, such as: economic difficulties, frustration, broken-hearted, no confidence, etc.. If not promptly corrected, will affect the dynamics of that person's life.

The effort to create an aura of charm to make it look more bright, bright, sharp and bright it really is not too difficult for those who want to try. Surmino uncover the secret behind this aura of charm.

"The universe contains a cosmic energy that can affect a person's aura. Friction can occur which can reduce beam aura. but also contains energy that can enhance the aura of charm, "said Surmino. what tricks that can be dazzling aura?

"Positive thinking in dealing with all matters of life. Also always been prejudiced either to God, for God's servants following the allegation, "said Surmino.

Further said, positive thinking is the main basis of someone who wants to improve his aura of charm. For example, while it is frustrating as not getting hit by the job, then try keep thinking positive that one day will get the job.

"Positive thinking is applicable to all circumstances at hand, this will affect the cosmic energy," said Paranormal Surmino.

Zhikrullah / Recitation

According to him, when they are accustomed to think positive, the next step is to collect cosmic energy that is positive into the body. This effort can be made ​​through recitation.

"Dhikrullah can turn bad into good aura, 'said Surmino.

This aura reading experts explained that in the body of a person's recollection that there are 6 points lathifatul qolb, lathifatul sirr, lathifatul khofi, lathifatul agfha, latifatul lathifatul nafs and spirit. The sixth point is this ghoib must be turned on through the remembrance of being mentored by a Murshid.

Through a process of regular practice and gradually, the sixth point it will live. The main characteristic of this point has been living that is the kind of vibration or twitch a bit long in the remembrance of those points. If this had reached the stage, then automatically the charm of his aura would be better.

"Just one point only in the living body of remembrance, the aura of a person in itself radiates more sharp and nice. Moreover, if all points of remembrance have been alive, "said Surmino.

He added that the remembrance of this kind usually done in groups of Sufis or Sufi orders, such as the Order of Naqsyabandiyah-Qodiriah. That's why it takes a coach to get results faster.

Even so, Surmino warned, supernatural beings or khodam can also play a role in changing a person's aura, but manipulative and temporary. For example, by installing the implant (implant either gold, diamond, etc.)

"Aura could look good because of the influence of certain khodam of the implant that is placed in the body. But tend not to last long and easily known. Preferably with dhikrullah only. For getting the reward from Allah SWT and last longer, "he advised.

"The benefits of having a good aura charms are very large. Besides being able to know the identity, readily accepted in the association, is also closer sustenance, "he concluded.


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