Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strength of the Science of Witchcraft

Basically the science of witchcraft is the study of how to insert objects into the body or something else with the purpose of hurting people.

This stuff can be for example a nail or a venomous animal mysteriously sent to put one's body with the purpose of hurting people.

Like the other sciences in the world, can a science of white witchcraft or black magic depending on the use of science is whether for good or for evil. But the application of science is combined with white the other sciences that can be said to be distorted (blacked out) by the perpetrators, for example, originally used to lull a fussy baby to be asleep, the thieves science is distorted to lull potential victims.

Science to melt the hearts of the hard or go crazy, but diverted its function to make people complacent rayunya persuasion. The last case is rife that we are familiar with the term commonly gendam.

Although the occult witchcraft is difficult to understand the science, but witchcraft can be logically understood as a process of dematerialization. At the time of witchcraft will be sent, objects such as nails, needles, glass, or venomous animal is converted from matter into energy.

Then, in the form of energy, is sent to the target object. After right on target, this energy is converted back into matter. So that what was sent, for example, glass and venomous animals will go into a person's body which is the target of witchcraft. Further automatic objects that were inserted through witchcraft will cause pain in the body of the witchcraft.

The writer will discuss the science of witchcraft more toward witchcraft as black magic. Based on the authors' knowledge, there are two types of witchcraft ekuatan view of the type which is used as the source of its strength.

The first is witchcraft in the process utilizing the power of supernatural beings such as jinns, demons and other supernatural beings. In practice, participants will work together with witchcraft supernatural witchcraft as a delivery medium.

To bring the supernatural to be a "courier" is of course antet offender must give the benefit as required by the courier. Rewards can include special offerings designated supernatural beings as food for him.

Rewards can also be another appropriate form of agreement with the perpetrators of witchcraft supernatural beings. After the promised reward agreed upon, "the messenger" would have done its job bringing witchcraft to the point.

There are cases such as offerings or compensation agreed upon negligent or not implemented by the perpetrators of witchcraft, then in this case could have been the casualties of a supernatural being of the players will ask for witchcraft. So that it can be concluded that this was a risk to the perpetrators of witchcraft.

Second, it is witchcraft comes from inner strength. Witchcraft, by this method requires an inner strength that is usually obtained from the spiritual behavior.

At the time of its use of black magic with psychic powers are usually assisted by the power of visualization (imagery) is stronger than the perpetrator. For example witchcraft by using bamboo media smear is used first when they wanted to read certain incantations, after which the perpetrators of witchcraft focus your concentration, visualization and intention of clogging kubul and rectum of the baby (the target).

That said, in this way, a person designated can not defecate or urinate. So in essence the power of witchcraft comes from the inner will of course memusatan. While the role of ritual, like reading a spell or conduct other penance is a means of supporting the mental visualization that can help grow stronger.


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