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Knowing About Kundalini

Knowledge of the kundalini is was about seven thousand years. Kundalini  is part of the doctrine of Tantra  that developed in India and Tibet. These teachings are not widely taught, is limited to students who are selected. This knowledge is derived directly from the spiritual guru to the disciple to avoid the collapse of this knowledge to people of low-conscious and to those who are just looking for a supernatural powers.

Therefore, for several thousand years old science has never been documented. After several thousand years, the teachers gradually began to write these secrets so that this knowledge will not disappear entirely. They write in a language that is disguised. In a wide range of allusions, symbols, writing the code so that it can not be misused by the seeker who is not worth studying.

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word meaning the roll. in sleep (not up and active yet), kundalini 3 ½ circle-shaped coils located in the spinal cord of man, rather below the coccyx (perinum). When the kundalini has risen and is active it will propagate up through the sushumna, piercing all the chakras and eventually out of the crown chakra. At the time creeping up, kundalini will clean up all the energy pathways in its path and then, you will feel certain sensations in your body.
At this time can be regarded as kundalini energy. Seven thousand years ago kundalini can not be described in terms of energy because at that moment a sense of energy has not been found. Kundalini is referred to as Kundali-shakti (power Kundali). Word or Kundali Kundalini yoga is used by the flow in a technical sense, and can also be referred to as force or energy in the form of spiral.

Benefits of Kundalini
* Creating a balance of the body as a holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
* Helps to accelerate the healing process all types of diseases
* Increasing the body's immune from disease and stress
* Removing the trauma of the past
* Improving the mental attitude of the less well
* Increase intelligence and concentration
* The ability to control thoughts and emotions
* Smooth blood circulation
* Improve the body's cells are damaged and rejuvenate the body's DNA
* Clean the dirt etheric
* Improve the body's metabolic system
* Clean the chakras and energy pathways
* Purify vibration / vibration energy to the body
* Balancing the activity of all the chakras
* Purify prana / energy into the body
* Helping the rise of the ability of clairvoyance, the ability to see and feel the subtle energy (subtleenergies) such as: seeing the aura, radiant energy, see chakra etc.
* Helping the rise of the ability of clairaudience, the ability to hear and understand the magical voice, hear a message from nature / dimension.
* Helping the rise of the ability of psychometry, which is able to find out the history of an object simply by touch alone.
* Helping the rise of the ability of clairsentience, the ability to feel the thoughts, emotions, smells, and sensations of physical (and emotional pain suffered by others)
* Helping the rise of the ability of psychokinesis, the ability to influence the attitudes, mind and soul into a better direction, calm the desperate, confused, emotional, and can awaken / neutralize the person possessed (trance).
* Materialization, namely the ability to achieve / accelerate the process of achieving the desires / ideals, neutralize a place / object of harmful energy.
* Out Of Body Experience, the etheric body's ability to take off into the high-level dimension, met with spiritualguide / ascended masters / teachers of high-level
* Sensing increased spiritual experiences in life that you live now or at a more subtle dimension and height.
* It is easier to enter a meditative state
* Increased awareness of higher order enlightenment / Enlightment
* Protection of the body, possessions and other objects
* Protected from other people's good intentions are not
* Neutralize threats of crime
* Freedom from the influence of negative energy attack
* A good reflexes when danger threatens, etc.

The Rising Kundalini

In general, awakeningKundalini can occur because:
* Factor of innate talent
* Diligent and persevering prayer, and love things spiritual
* Cast a spell / holy word specific
* Diligent meditation
* Yoga exercises
* Great sadness
* High fever
* Accidents in the tailbone (certain cases)
* Shaktipat (generated by a master), etc.


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