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Satria Piningit and Ratu Adil Uga Wangsit Siliwangi prophecy

King Siliwangi who lived in the sixteenth century AD (1500s), the ruler of the land Pasundan, the great king of the Hindu kingdom of Sunda-Galuh, Pakuan-Pajajaran leave will be a forecast of future for their people. In the fifteenth century were white Europeans have managed to sail reached the archipelago. The rivalry between the Islamic empire with European nations that put Pajajaran the Hindu kingdom in a difficult position, aka both parties hostile enemy, King Siliwangi wise enough to choose to side with the Portuguese invasion in the face of Demak, Banten. Portuguese who were seeking a base for his fleet to welcome a helping Pajajaran friendship. Pajajaran an inland country which is very strong defense has been recognized by Mahapatih Gajahmada that it is very difficult to deal with large amounts of troops Pajajaran rely Majapahit navy.

It is estimated it will take time and huge cost to deploy large amounts of Majapahit troops by sea coupled with a road trip that takes several days. And vice versa for Pajajaran who do not have the fleet was certainly never occurred to invade another territory by sea. The only option for Pajajaran always reinforce the ground troops for the preparation withstand enemy attack. War strategy implemented by King Siliwangi is consistent with the geographical and topographical land Pasundan the mountainous and largely consists of plateaus, cool air, supposedly famous for its people the most handsome and beautiful in Southeast Asia.

Unsurprisingly, the most effective option strategies, and best performed by the Majapahit in an effort to expand its political influence in West Java is the way the royal marriage. But the attempt failed because in the final stages of implementation of the mission due to the war Bubat that killed bride following Pajajaran royal family who helped with it.

 King Siliwangi who ruled Pajajaran after the war Bubat, felt himself in the face of invasion of non-Hindu kingdom. Majapahit had collapsed a few decades before the throne of King Pakuan Pajajaran bloom. And with the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom of Demak, firing and Banten leads right to the royal capital of the Sundanese-Galuh. As the last bastion of the Hindu kingdom of Majapahit after, the King felt that the new siding historical destiny and destroy the old one. The collapse of the Hindu kingdom of the Islamic empire was replaced by the will of history.

King Siliwangi promised someday in the future will always be present in the form of "marvelously fragrant perfume" in order to protect certain people that is a good-hearted. Pajajaran Pakuan royal palace located within a radius of several hundred meters from Batutulis, Bogor inscriptions on four winds of the people loyal to the King Siliwangi will spread itself has been given an idea of their future.

 North of the palace later described the arrival of the guests in a large number that always exasperated the inhabitants. Beginning with Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies that occupies the Bogor palace, until the President Sukarno who founded two palaces, the Palace Cipanas and Bogor Palace. Both come from the north, Jakarta. And now the residents of Jakarta are fairly well established is always directing his personal vehicle on vacation in Bogor, Puncak and made a traffic jam on a holiday, it is they who are called by King Siliwangi as a guest quite troublesome locals.

From the east it Batutulis palace during the reign of Sultan Agung of Mataram in the sixteenth century came the order for the people Pajajaran to rally the troops to invade the center of Batavia was occupied by Dutch troops. Coupled with the invasion forces to stem the river carried though Ciliwung Dipati Ukur the chief representative of the soil Pasundan Mataram was not managed to expel the Dutch.

Westward palace Pajajaran followers King Siliwangi who resigned to Lebak area was safe thanks to the discipline they maintain the mandala of the kingdom. They are strictly not use fire causes smoke easily detected the enemy from a distance. Baduy tribe which is a direct descendant of the people in the King Siliwangi of Pajajaran in to this day continue to wait for cues in the form of cries for help in the middle of the night came from the direction of the Mist Mountain, a sign of coming figure wise leader. Baduy tribes in deepest prohibit using modern equipment such as electricity, and motor vehicles, which they consider is the fire that's also (might give a clue of their position on the enemy).

Toward south the direction of the selected King Siliwangi following people who follow it are just used as a base defense very well confound themselves with inhabiting the valleys and high plains. It has a capital base of the primary air is cool and very fertile soil in the period surrounding the sixties is the basis of Darul Islam, Islamic Army of Indonesia. And also the highest leadership of the Communist Party of Indonesia also made use of certain areas in West Java for the experiment as a base area of agriculture such as collective farming system in the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.

Besides, since the sixties and the fertile mountainous area that has become the basis of the Islamic State of Indonesia, as well as the Ahmadiyya, and others. In the revolution forces who migrated to Central Java, Siliwangi mainstay Mohammad Hatta cabinet to storm the Communist forces and other troops who disagree Soekarno-Hatta government policy. In the 1965 conflict Siliwangi forces most loyal to the Bung Karno, in addition to a small supporting General Suharto's New Order. All that accumulated in the soil Pasundan not surprising because the natural forests and relatively more awake than in other areas in Central Java and East Java parts of severely damaged.

Also from the South, according to King Siliwangi would later come and origin the Bocah Angon -- a writer of history -- is the Satria Piningit who knows the secret of the Ratu Adil. The Bocah Angon whose home on the edge of the river, and his three-story-high stone door on the second floor like a potted plant to maintain a tree handeuleum the efficacious cure hemorrhoids, red leaves an old heart. And one more tree Hanjuang. The Bocah Angon this will serve as victimizing, but he always managed to escape walking toward the west and disappeared with a full-faced another hair, and dressed all in black, and who had imprisoned by the government because it is considered as a security intruder. They both can "fight the ruling with a laugh" that's the truth Satria Piningit and companion who holds the secrets of Ratu Adil who would appear after the onset of natural disasters in the form of volcanic eruption seven plus a nearby mountain again in the south than the palace of King Siliwangi. With the advent of Ratu Adil, the glory of the fairly prosperous archipelago as desired and awaited for centuries by the common people will be accomplished. Similarly, the core will uga wangsit Siliwangi for all the people Pakuan Pajajaran especially and generally for all people of the Land Pasundan, Java Kulon.

Bung Karno at the end of his reign to choose the Bogor palace (not far from the palace Pajajaran around Batutulis) and could give testament he wanted to be buried in the vicinity of Batutulis, Bogor, (under shady trees overlooking a beautiful valley and mountain) prefer him drown instead of sacrificing his people. King Siliwangi are interred in Rancamaya (with views of beautiful valleys and mountains) are also connected to each of three money prefer him sink with similar reasons. Bung Karno figure whose mother comes from the island of Dewata is also set forth in the uga wangsit Siliwangi. And of course by itself Bung Karno also know such things. Perhaps it is the reason he is in proving the truth of uga wangsit Siliwangi then choose Batutulis as his eternal resting place.


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