Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Satrio Pinandito Sinisihan Wahyu VS Satria Piningit

Sri Aji Joyoboyo predict a leader of the archipelago's next for centuries awaited by the people who expected his dream of just and prosperous life into reality. And it can happen only with the presence of the leader or leaders called the "Ratu Adil or (King of Justice)" who ruled the country with a fair and wise as you wish the people at large. Of that scholars Dutch East Indies have been formulated and considered "Ratu Adil" is just a myth and is a cultural statement that is always hereditary recalled at any time by the common people who are not getting prosperity and justice from their own country.

The Dutch scholar who is an expert on cultural issues the Dutch East Indies were already supposed to be of the opinion that the Ratu Adil is a myth with a reason that only the Dutch and the Dutch East Indies government itself is absolute and is entitled to become the Ratu Adil. While indigenous leaders should not be a chance to again have a leader and the country itself as the "Ratu Adil" for the people of the archipelago.

Joyoboyo predictions about the figure Satria Piningit or Ratu Adil was truly extraordinary and occur only in exceptional times, and it seems it could only happen dozens or hundreds of years later in the future. However, "Ratu Adil" Joyoboyo that do not necessarily lead to the figure of a leader. Ratu Adil it could mean the archipelago republic system of government, who have written laws, and regulations are perfectly constitutional. And of course the perfect archipelago country with any government system that for example: the socialist democratic system, the Pancasila, or any system that would become "Ratu Adil" if you really run properly, fairly and wisely -- in accordance with the intent and purpose establishment of the state embodied in the constitution and various regulatory enhancements.

If Joyoboyo predicted Ratu Adil as a state system, then the heir Joyoboyo Ronggowarsito further predict direct person Nusantara leader who led the country as many as seven Satria Piningit. Six Satria Piningit been successively ruled, so the remaining one seventh the Satria Piningit "Satrio Pinandito Sinisihan Wahyu".

Satria Piningit Joyoboyo will only appear in a state of emergency "war" in the archipelago. While Satria Piningit seventh Ronggowarsito can appear at any time without waiting for changes in age or any emergency. Anyone who appears to lead as "Satrio Pinandito Sinisihan Wahyu" in the next few years will change the country profanity archipelago that became the state "Ratu Adil" becomes really manifest justice and prosperity for their people. And of course Satria Piningit is able to act decisively to punish those who suffering to the people.


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