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Satria Piningit From Serat Darmogandhul Prophecy

In an effort colonialist politics of divide et impera, exactly the same as the British colonialist government (the British East Indies) support to the Islamic works of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in India. Then so is the case with Serat Darmogandul the author is still mysterious in the period between the British Governor-General T.S. Raffles in Land of Java until the round ahead of the Javanese Prince Diponegoro War. Raffles even had time to study the cultural and literary heritage of Java which is then poured in the History of Java, published in London, Nederlands-Indie and British East Indies government, borrowed the jargon of the New Order "should be assumed, can not can, directly or indirectly" involved with the publication of Serat Darmogandul which aims to divide the Native Indie population.

As reference materials to solve the mysterious who is the writer Serat Darmogandul when first published, the classical poet Ronggowarsito Java is still only 22 years old, and Native poet and his predecessors have also characterized their work in the form of singing poems, among others gambuh. Very different from the Serat Darmogandul already shaped mixture of essays in the Java language, ngoko and kromo inggil. At that time the author of Europe already accustomed to using such writing style in European languages, and may further the work of foreign authors for the purposes of publishing translated into Java, the same as the language used in writing Serat Darmogandul.

Serat Darmogandul glance, the last farewell adviser Majapahit, Sabdo Palon Noyo genggong with King Brawijaya as follows:  Sabdo Palon expressed his disappointment to King Brawijaya, "Kula badhe pados momongan ingkang mripat satunggal." More or less meaning, "I will find a one-eyed satria momongan (the new future king that i cared)."
The King also asked by Sabdo Palon a witness later in the future emergence of Satria Piningit (referred to here is the Ratu Adil or Queen of Justice), "ing besuk yen ana wong Jawa ajênêng tuwa, agêgaman kawruh, iya iku sing diêmong Sabdapalon." roughly means "Someday in the future will show a Java add to the original name the name of the elder: mbah, Kyai, Ki, Ni, Nyi, and others, and the corresponding master the science of religion (Javanese), he was the one who cared for by Sabdo Palon."

Serat Darmogandul regardless of whether it is genuine or plagiarism from other sources may be mentioned that the controversial content is about rebellion, treason, or attempt to overthrow the power carried by Walisongo against the kingdom of Majapahit. While the Wali tenth Syech Siti Jenar against treason against the Majapahit, then he should be removed from the earth. Syech Jenar condemn one Sunan who punished as follows, "Someday in the future if the kings (leaders) in the Land of Java consists only of kings (leaders) who have elderly parents, then turns me hang your neck with yarn ... . "

Serat Darmogandul since it was first published just before the Java War had erupted the divisive power of religion (Islam) against the Dutch East Indies government in addition has also dampen the mass support of the masses against the war these moslems. It is said in part that recounts the struggle of one of their Sunan in the effort to convert the East Java region began Kertosono to Kediri in a way that does not like the masses that is destroying all the ancient statues made of stone sculpture in the form of ancestral heritage and scrape out the various forms of other cultures that are considered contrary to the teachings Islam.

The contradiction between the masses of the Shiva-Buddhist preachers and followers of Islam that is the main mission Serat Darmogandul to this day. It is not surprising when elections fifties Serat Darmogandul raised again, until finally even be forbidden book. Whether the ban will be shut down trail past the collapse of the Majapahit and how to spread Islam by Walisongo not done peacefully? As an illustration in Islam is halal laws to eradicate paganism in a certain way and within certain limits. Violent and nonviolent manner considered to be relatively alone. Moreover destroy things that bring polytheism is very kosher. And on the other side on the other side of things as it is considered a form of violence against an outcome of cultural objects.

 And the most feared of certain parties in Serat Darmogandul, Sabdo Palon utterance is to be re-deploy certain religion hundred years since he parted with the King Brawijaya, and it is considered destruction of other religions. This assumption is certainly not in accordance with the turning wheel of history that always produces a new synthesis, and not return to the original thesis. And a new synthesis that is "something more superior" is the result rather than the battle of the party opposing it for five centuries.


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