Monday, April 16, 2012

Mount Marapi In West Sumatra Erupted After Eerthquarke in Aceh 2012

Mount Marapi in west Sumatra erupted after 8.5 earthquake on the Richter scale (SR) earthquake in the Southwest Simeulue District, Aceh on wednesday, April 11, 2012. Mount Marapi afternoon activity is located in Tanah Datar and Agam regency of west Sumatra increased. This is evident from the release of volcanic ash as high as two hundredfeet above the top of the mountain.

Chief of the post monitoring Mount Marapi, Mr. Warseno  ensure increased activity of mount Marapi not the impact of the earthquake in Aceh.

"There was no effect of the earthquake shocks were of volcanic activity marapi. of the physical taped has been no impact on the mountain due to the earthquake in Aceh, "he said, on wednesday (11/04/2012).

When during  the earthquake, residents in the town of Bukittinggi, west sumatra also felt the shock earthquake with a duration long enough. at 18.00 pm after the earthquake, residents in the town of Bukittinggi  returned activity to normal.

Since the earthquake in Aceh at 15:38 pm residents feel the aftershocks as much as three times. The first earthquake felt at 15:38 pm with the next power of 8.5 magnitude aftershock at 17:03 am perceived magnitude and 8.8 magnitude at 17:43 pm with a magnitude of 8.1 magnitude quake.


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