Saturday, April 14, 2012

Preparing to face the Great Earthquake 'Mega thrust' (hallo Indonesia)

Preparing yourself to face the catastrophic earthquake that would come any time

Living in Indonesia means should be prepared for a disaster that could come at any time. On 12 April last, we are reminded again how an earthquake can come unexpectedly exact time. Based on the experience of a large earthquake in Aceh in December 2004, the population had more self-conscious to evacuate to higher ground, just in case of a possible tsunami.

Although earthquakes can not be suspected of the time, but researchers have estimated the occurrence of large earthquakes (mega thrust) at the Padang city with 8.9 SR.

According to seismologists of Geodesy Study Program ITB, Mr. Meilano Irwan, mega thrust Sumatra is a region that has been widely studied by researchers of the earthquake. This region is formed when the plate Indoaustralia subduction Eurasian plate.
This subduction is very large store of energy that can be released at any time as a major earthquake. 9 on the scale richter earthquake that hit Aceh in 2004 was derived from the megathrust subduction zone on the west coast of Aceh. In fact, the earthquake that occurred 12 April and he predicted would accelerate the occurrence of mega thrust earthquake in Padang.

In the list of 10 earthquakes that have occurred most terrible since 1900 until now, Indonesia dominated by three major earthquakes and the number of victims that much anyway.

That is, living in Indonesia which is earthquake-prone areas should make us better prepared to face this disaster. Not only the readiness of the government in matters of infrastructure to be highlighted, but how we ourselves can condition yourself to stay calm, find a safe place, and save yourself the time the disaster occurred.

We can pray, but it was not enough. There are things that we can humanly prepared to minimize casualties. Do we have to train kids by parents to evacuate themselves to the preparation if a disaster occurs such as in Japan?

Do you already have an emergency box containing P3K, supplies of food and beverages, which can be brought at any time during an earthquake? or maybe the fact we do not know what to take when an emergency evacuation during an earthquake? And we know where to save yourself during an earthquake? How often do we do evacuation drills?

So, what else do you think we can always stand prepared to deal with the earthquake disaster that could come at any time?

Indonesia's people could only submit to Allah SWT, and especially the government, although they also know that trying to anticipate the disaster is obligation ! (What has been happening in this country are : mega scandal corruption, including funds for disaster rehabilitation.

don't panic !, don't expect too much from our government is corrupt, pathetic, but that's a fact, they are more preoccupied with party affairs and political affairs rather than to reduce the number of casualties or any form of disaster preparedness. better for peoples around the affected area is more vigilant than relying on the government. should be recorded, preferably in the educational curriculum, material handling of natural disasters should be there, because given the nature and circumstances of the situation in Indonesia.

wherein a safe place in Indonesia ? move to the mountains (erupts), move to the beach (tsunamis), move to jakarta (many gangs motor, flash floods, etc ), where the safely place ?


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