Monday, April 16, 2012

THREE TIME ZONE INDONESIA will be united (GMT +8) | Time Zone in Indonesia will be incorporated

The Government planned consisting three time zones in Indonesia  of the West Indonesia Time (WIB), the Central Indonesia Time (WITA),and East Indonesia Time (WIT) through GMT +8. thus increasing the economic competitiveness and efficiency of the bureaucracy created.

WIB, WITA and WIT will be incorporated. The plan is GMT +8 or WITA that will be used as a benchmark time, "said a spokesman for the Committee of Economic Development Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia (KP3EI) Mr. Edib Muslims in Bogor, Saturday, March 10, 2012.

According Mr.Edib, pooling the time to improve national productivity that originally there were only 190 million people in the WIB zone, could be 240 million when the time is equated.

"The difference between one hour of the three time zones in Indonesia is not effective.
for example, in trade business between in the zone of WIB and WIT" he said. "If you trade in Jakarta begins at 09.00 am and ended at 17.00 pm, the effective mean time between the trading activities in the corporate world in WIB and WIT zone just four hours

Mr.Edib states, the unification of time solely to enhance the performance of the bureaucracy from Sabang to Merauke. "In addition, the union also aims to enhance the competitiveness of nations in the economic, social, political, and even ecology," he said.

Through GMT +8, he said, people living in eastern Indonesia and the center will have more time to deal with people who live in areas of western Indonesia.

"We chose GMT +8 because it was in the middle between the WIB and the WIT. We're still going to discuss this further," he said.

Programs are GMT +8 KP3EI encouraged by the team, he said, aims to integrate Indonesia three time zones into one time.


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