Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knowing the Science of Terawangan (Prediction)

Lots of scientists pursue science lessons about the unseen problems, especially science Terawangan. In the wisdom of science disciplines including science Terawangan rare, this science is very popular with people who want to learn good science in the ancient wisdom and contemporary. To study the science of stamina needed Terawangan healthy and fit body, because science Terawangan requires enormous energy and draining well, although only read certain prayers. The so-called Terawangan because science is only able to wander from our dimension into another dimension.

Terawangan science can be used to see the future or to see the unseen, or communicate with the supernatural wherever located, etc.. Terawangan in science is very different from science calling the jinn, because if science Terawangan we will use to communicate with the jinn, the jinn were still in they nature and we keep our in our nature, however we can still communicate with other nations with long-distance , like teleconferencing where we talk to other dimensions, but each keeps its place, even we can also see the other person's face.

While calling the jinn that the jinn who we will call will come into our nature by changing the form of a material form, the form that can be touched and seen by all the senses that is in us, also at the same time can communicate with the creatures.

The greatness of this Terawangan science is very famous, but science has a 10 degree Terawangan and its own specialties. Any use of knowledge will usually be issued Terawangan great energy, depending on what you want to view.

Terawangan science was divided into two types:

1. Terawangan Science With Eyes Closed :
Science Terawangan with closed eyes is usually called the science of using eyes of the heart, because all that will be viewed using the eyes of the heart or the so-called spiritual science, because science is focused sesuata inner at the base of the consideration alis.Jadi focused on the base of the eyebrows with their eyes closed, so what will be, will change if the change and wait a while it will display a form that will be seen. As for communication or to listen to and talk with other dimensions, also using the inner (eye care), while the weakness Terawangan with closed eyes is often hallucinate so there should not any in the guidance to apply their knowledge

2. Terawangan Science With Eyes Open :
Science Terawangan with open eyes is usually called the science of physical eyes, because all that would be seen using physical eyes open or eyes. Science is focusing on what will be seen quite looking forward just as he reads certain prayers, so what would be seen to be completely real, and as we see in our nature. As for communication or to listen to and talk with other dimensions, using all of our physical senses so we do not use the eyes of our hearts.

The person who signs the science Terawangan is for reading the prayers of Terawangan, his eyes going a little red means that people are able to see things unseen. And after not reading the prayers of Terawangan then his eyes will be normal again.

If the person reading the prayers of Terawangan regularly, that person will have the ability to automatically, and are able to feel something supernatural without reading certain prayers.


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