Saturday, April 21, 2012

How It Works Occultism

Firstly, the occult is obtained by making contact or contact with objects associated with the target or the source of the occult. For example, in a community if people want to be a woman in love with him doing science pengasihan alias then they took one thing that been touched by her. Frazer called LAW OF CONTACT while his magical science called CONTAGINUS MAGIC.

Second, witchcraft is based on similarity law (LAW OF similarity) and his magical science called IMITATIVE MAGIC. If we want something with supernatural powers, then we use something similar to what we want. If we are to desire the power of wind, then we can do with the whistle. It's the same with the arrival of whistling wind. This custom was carried out in almost every nations in the world.

Not only is the original tradition of the tribes that use two-way Bangda magic as Frazer presented, the adherents of major religions in the world is also using the two laws that recognize the relationship between the supernatural forces that we get from touching objects that have the power and resources energy. For example, the companions used to take the blessings of anything ever touched by the Prophet Muhammad, as if the theory of magic was a religious justification.
We remember, how a psychic from Jews bewitched the Prophet Muhammad. He uses a hair comb Rasulullah (goods that never touched the Prophet) for his magical energy is absorbed and then made efforts to magic. Metaphysically, a touch of our hands to the object will leave a trail of magic that never again can be eliminated. It is a magical trail behavior of our actions continue to be connected relationship with our spirit. So it makes sense to end later in court when we are judged by God, then we no longer need your mouth to speak. For the hands, feet, and all of our body who will be the evidence has left its mark on the objects.

So our actions no matter how small behavior that has to do with touching objects so that's where we make a metaphysical TRACES OF RECORD will never be removed again for ever. On the trail will be scattered records of good deeds or bad deeds. In the track record that contained a microchip metaphysical of our spirit alive.

A psychic perform magic with a principle effort LAW OF CONTACT. He took the objects of potential victims as objects that have touched the victim was in fact established a microchip from the victim spirit. Paranormal treat objects as if the victim's bodies was the body of the victim. He poked, tie, twirling, touching with a soft touch to the victim's possessions are none other than the victim's own body. Paranormal also perform acts that by law LAW OF similarity, which is made a little ritual that is a feast attended by other spirits. Then together the spirits that are present in the ritual ceremony is ready to hurt, kill, and confuse the spirits of victims.

A person who studied occult sciences need to understand CONTACT LAW AND THE LAW EQUAL it. While the mantra is used as a medium to collect and access the energy or power that is hidden within an occult science. To understand this science I cite AJI pengasihan PENGASIHAN rocking horse.

When you want to have a science pengasihan and then actually undergoing penance like fasting mutih behavior, ngalong fasting, fasting ngrowot and others. You also have read a couple of hundred times in practice a unique and bizarre rituals. But how do you check the knowledge, whether you've mastered this science? To check for mastery of a science, can not but you have to try it.

The trick to try, provide a person's possessions would you pengasihan science (of course in secret). Second, grasp the object and start rapalkan science with practice / prayer / mantra ...
and Squeeze, shake, turn around the object as you squeeze, shake and twist his victims ....

Here, the contact law is "holding the victim's possessions" because in fact these objects are part of the SPIRIT OF VICTIMS and law equation is to equate the soul / spirit to what the actual victims are unseen into physical objects that can disabet by a stick.

Third, the power of thought (visualization) is determining the success or failure of your spell. The stronger you are able to visualize the fact that it seems to be the true facts so that's where we are the stronger spell. That is one reason why a person is required to perform behaviors such as fasting is concerned because it is concerned with the actual behavior, we will easily do the visualization for the senses weakened and replaced by the other senses that sixth sense.

Fourth, we are awaiting the results of science pengasihan we have run it. The length of wait for no definite period of time because it depends on the strength of energy you have to draw the spirit of sacrifice. Victims will feel miss the sense of control and appears to meet the extraordinary self-pemelet / client who asked diilmu pengasihankan. If your psychic energy is large enough then the results are immediately visible, but when your energy is weak then pull too weak and takes a longer time.

In addition, a determines the success of science pengasihan you are the victim of mental spiritual strength. Very quickly memelet victims who rarely perform as if the mind but we'll get into trouble if it turns out we are their target victims who likes inner if / though the flavor. They will easily detect the burst of the science we are aware of pengasihan pengasihan behind the attack. If we are not vigilant and careful, our own that will be hurt by them.

Finally, I told the brethren. Learning magic is not like a magic show. Science magic trick the eye only and is only used to invite the audience amazed at the stage. While the mysterious workings of the occult, quietly and secretly. You are the shadow warrior who sat quietly in the shadows ready to aim the rifle waiting for unsuspecting victims.


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