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Know the Variety of incantations in Java Land

AJI Rajah Kalacaraka  - Rajah Kalachakra is a supernatural weapon that could destroy an enemy to the magic. Rajah even this body is also able to fencing, home fence, and others. This tattoo is usually a light spin and lie chest owners. For those who can see  supernatural world, will be able to see the intentions of this tattoo (Rajah).

AJI Brajamusti - In ancient times aji brajamusti is the pride of the warriors. because of this aji brajamusti is a powerful body armor at all. people who have had aji brajamusti body strength and supernatural power that is unmatched. so peoples who have no aji brajamusti can use if not in a state of necessity. For if used carelessly can be dangerous opponent. usefulness aji brajamusti addition to filling the body and hand strength, as well as aji aji barajamusti immunity against various kinds of weapons. however powerful weapon that will surely hit brajamusti bargain aji, not magical.
AJI Bandung Bondowoso  - Like Brajamusti aji, aji Bondowoso also have properties that magnificent. for those who practice the Bandung Bodowoso aji will have an amazing body strength. Goods are unlikely to be lifted by human power, then with aji Bandung Bodowoso item can be removed easily. Even more so with these people can menagkis aji without any sharp weapon injuries. Weapons will bounce off by itself when the body.

AJI INTI LEBUR SAKHETI  - melting Saketi core is the ultimate spell handalan several universities. This spell when practiced continuously very great power, can be used to char type magic genie. But also for treatment, especially those who got black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, magic and lainlainnya again. Aji is kerana mighty power can not be used carelessly.

GENI Komara AJI - Aji Komara similar Geni Geni Shepherd who is also the ultimate aji. Komara Geni can also be used to burn the jinn. Komara aji usefulness other than to blow contact Geni burn jin, also for pagaran body, pagaran homes and treatment of various diseases. What matters is the intention of the owner of this aji.

AJI Bada 'Tubi - Actually aji Bada' Tubi is no less immune aji aji shield with Waja or Blabak Pengantolan. Aji even this has the advantage to fight. Bada contacts science 'can make the opponent stiff Tubi are like sculptures (locked).

JALA SUTRA AJI - Aji Jala Sutra when practiced properly can to knock your opponent and his power. Usually the enemies that get aji Jala Sutra will become weak and helpless, as though all the supernatural powers of extinction.

AJI BUTTONS female friend - is a special female friend Practices fasteners used to lock the opponent. opponents who locked his movement will stop immediately and as if his body rigid, hard-driven. practice is very important key buttons being owned by people in the labor college, kerana could support the efficacy of the lock moves.

AJI DARK SAYUTA - People used to boast Sayuta Dark aji, kerana people who practice this spell can be thrilling voice of people who listen. To punch in the power of this spell can kill dilamuri opponent.

AJI QULHU GENI - Qulhu Geni is a special spell to defeat the evil genie, said people in the past when read 1 time, then the devil broke his left hand, when read 2 times breaking his right hand, when read three times and broke both his legs when it will be read 4 times Melting all over his body.

AJI QULHU DERGA BEHIND - Strength Beyond Qulhu Derga similar to Qulhu Geni Geni and Komara. This practice can be used to contact, pagaran body and treat the subject of divination, witchcraft,. Bla will be attacked again on sipenyerang. It goes without saying that this practice should be more efficacious in wirid frequently.

WHITE TIGER AJI - Aji aji White Tiger is a very high authority. When this diwatek aji (at rapal), his voice trembling and could make the other opponents into small balls.

AJI SEKILAN ox - ox Sekilan Aji is very well known long ago, until now. Aji is indeed very good for safety in battle. When practiced well all good opponent attacks using their bare hands and sharp weapons and even firearms will not mengenianya.

WAJA shield AJI - Aji shield Waja is a special charm immunity. the potency was almost the Ox Sekilan aji. Whosoever shields waja aji practice is well Insha Allah in a battle will not be injured by gun opponents.

AJI TEGUH ALOT Allah UMBRELLA - Umbrella Alot Aji True God is the safety and immune aji very powerful. First aji is kept secret, after the weigh-weighed by the development of science in this world it can be transmitted.

PANCASONA AJI - Aji Pancasona very famous since ancient times. Aji in the puppet is owned by King Dasamuka. Who has the Aji Pancasona difficult for her death. Kerana when such and got shot to death, then after falling to the ground, he will live longer and former lukalukanya will disappear. Pancasona aji aji is almost the same as Rawarontek. People who have this aji death only if the head and body were separated and placed in a place very far away, when perhaps buried in a deep well.

BENGKELENG AJI - Aji Bengkeleng anciently kept in strict confidentiality. Kerana it's very rare to have it. Bengkeleng aji advantage as a science is that people are immune to charm the perfect practice, when a sharp weapon and a bullet hit it feels like a bead of water hit.

AJI UMBRELLA Allah - Allah is the practice Umbrella Practices for safety or pageran body. This practice seems really simple, but very unusual properties. This practice is very important for those who are struggling with a world of violence.

AJI LAQAD WA - Practices Wa Laqad taken from a letter saba 'verse 10 got an amazing property that is to spell and to supernatural powers that can bend or break the iron steel.

AJI Saifi WIND - or Powerfully Winds Sweep is a person that can speed up the journey. With this wind Sweep aji people can travel long distances in a short time, supposing darai faster aircraft. Aji is what makes people like a deer or a bird srikatan the moving speed. People who have aji broom and practice with good wind could alleviate sringan-light body, so it can run fast. In the past the trustees songo always use a broom aji this wind, especially when invited to a meeting at the mosque Demak.

KALANJANA SUKET AJI - Aji Suket Kalanjana is to look natural supernatural aji, aji is very ancient and rare. Very few people who have it. aji Suket Kalanjana when practiced well this would be natural to know the unseen, such as tofu ujudnya jinn, demons and so it's just that the terms of this science is very difficult behavior, except for those who are gifted.

AJI PANGLIMUNAN - Very often people who have aji Panglimunan magic. aji aji Panglimunan is to disappear or to close an object so as not to appear. aji is quite dangerous if misused.

TIGER SENGGORO AJI - Aji Senggoro powerful of the Tiger is a science which is taken from the authority of the ancestors of the leopard beast. when a tiger has issued aumnya the potential prey will not move. To be able to master the science is not easy, anyone who has knowledge will be respected by all men.

SCIENCE CORAL - People who have this knowledge will be feared opponent, as if to hit the hands cause of death. what is touched by the hand of the master Reefs Science will melt. In Kalimantan, the science is called fuser. Requirements so that we can have a scarce knowledge is not easy, because the science is to be feared by all creatures. To get and to have this knowledge we should be able to conquer the temptations of ourselves and of the jinn.

MEGANANDA AJI - Aji is a science that can lull people / opponents. the efficacy of science is difficult to beat the time of the ancestors of today.

Krishna AJI - Aji Krishna is to make the body like a giant when viewed enemies. When not in a state threatened her safety, can not aji this one out. Because the enemy will be mad with fear kerana vision. In the puppet, who has this charm is King god Krishna.

AJI PENATASAN - People who keep these penatasan science will be able to paralyze the opponent without a fight. For similar penatasan science that can paralyze the opponent and turn off all the sciences have owned by opponent. people who have the knowledge it is only used by hand or eye. Surely by using moves and sciences are supplied on the hands, or feet, eyes. However, the use of this knowledge can not be arbitrary. If we're in a desperate state of the science then you can remove it, otherwise in circumstances which endanger the safety, and science are used first, then the enemy will be paralyzed. Requirements to obtain this knowledge is also not easy to implement.

AJI TUGUMANIK JAYAKUSUMA - The greatness and usefulness of science is almost like Pancasona science, but science is also different from the Pancasona science, if science can Pancasona pieces back to life when his body was buried by the river. but the science Tugumanik Jayakusuma not going to die if not time. (if not deadly god).

PANGUNCEN AJI - Aji Panguncen this one science college students who used the power within. Because with this knowledge when exposed to a halt enemy movement. In scaling this knowledge we should have the power in the already perfect.

AJI Ciung Vanara - With aji Ciung Wanara you are able to defeat the enemy is a very high knowledge. Not only you will be feared of all animals, animals that live both on land and living diair. Aji Ciung Wanara also can subdue nations of the jinn and other supernatural creatures. And can overpower the misguided science as sorcery, witchcraft and black magic.

AJI GENI SHEPHERD - Who has the aji Shepherd Geni when it is used then the genie will be burned. Besides, it can be used to burn people who have the insolence properties. Requirements to be able to have a science Shepherd Geni not easy. Various trials that tempt our chests we should be able to punch. If we are still eager to boast of a science like a shepherd lead us Geni burn.

AJI deer YELLOW - People who have this knowledge in a single run or in traveling away with incredible speed and hard to follow with the eye. In the world of science is called science pesilatan lighten the body. With lightning speed we would arrive at the destination.

TINGGENGAN AJI - Aji Tinggengan this utility with aji Panguncen. When people who have this Tinggengan aji in the face of his opponent passed through his hands up to touch his hand hit an opponent who will not move.

AJI mecca papat WISA-toxins released animals such as snakes, are very dangerous for the safety of the person bitten. But when those people bitten by poisonous snakes and other animals have the antidote is not uncommon. You can counteract these toxins by using aji qibla papat.

AJI WISA Bathari Durga - the charm to ward off the striped snake venom. Which is highly virulent poison. If there are people bitten by snakes are not treated promptly will lead to death. But as long as there is no drug that can counteract snake venom. Because the toxin spread rapidly in the bloodstream and directly attack the heart. In a few minutes the person will die. When you master this aji easily healed.

THE WHITE KALITAR AJI WISA - WISA People who have aji Kalitar White will be able to subdue the snake venom spoon / cobra. Cobra venom is similar to striped snake. Strength of cobra venom is rather slow to spread to the heart.

AJI WISA heir Kanjeng Sinuhun YOGYAKARTA - The legacy of science was rarely passed on to his son. However, since many people are afraid of the royal era with the poison of a snake or scorpion venom, then taught science in society.

AJI PAMBUNGKEM Sawer (Snake) - Aji is to immobilize the snake with the way her mouth so as not to bite us.

SCORPION CAN AJI - Animals can also have a scorpion is strong, especially the blue scorpion. To counteract the poison of scorpions WISA aji use spells.

AJI Semar cry - pellet is a high level of science. In order to have the fast implementation of this science, should fast for 4 days and 4 nights, followed by starch geni overnight.

AJI Ireng basil - a very precise science pellets when used in a cocky girls / parents do not love you.

AJI Semar YELLOW - Yellow Semar Pengasihan used for women who decide the relationship of love. If you words aji is the woman that you will go crying to request a re-united. If you do not serve a request to return again could lead to madness.

AJI Silu JANGGAH - Uses this knowledge to the spell of a girl who became a bone of contention. If the girl is already subject apada you, do not be tricked her love.

Wijayakusuma AJI - Aji is actually owned by the kings in ancient times. So many peoples become concubines. You can have this knowledge, but you should be able to your wives happy.

DEWA BEADS AJI - Aji god is when it words Manik at a gathering, you will favor people who are in the assembly. And if someone in person desired the words, then you will be loved by that person.

AJI rocking horse - Science pellet that is very famous. Requirement to have this knowledge is not easy. Because science is very powerful for Rare Shake-use to a girl or vice versa.

AJI deer WHITE - The usefulness of this knowledge with other pengasihan.

Incantations above are just a few examples of the many incantations created by our ancestors. During its development, there is a spell had been extinct for not relegated to the next generation and still many who still exist even been modified in such a way so that the more potent.


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