Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Asia Pasific Waters Increasingly Strained, The Cold War Shifting to the East

Almost certainly, that the Southeast Asian region previously used as a zone free of nuclear weapons, peaceful and neutral that it seems threatened by superpower nations conflict to move them from Europe to East Asia highway.

Along with the growing economy also helped boost the defense budget in the various countries in Asia that showed a significant increase, so has invited Uncle Sam a permanent presence in the region.

Uncle Sam's presence in Darwin and Cocos Island, Australia is of course directly related to the context of economic competition, political and military power in South East Asia  China sea it.South East waters claimed by various countries in the region, like China, Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam , Vietnam. While there is little to its northern territory claimed by Japan and China, or Japan and Russia in addition to the hot region of the Korean peninsula.

Also the weapons racing continues in the region, a few days ago India successfully tested a missile capable Agni V roam about 5000 kilometers, so it can reach out to Beijing or Shanghai. Now that major military exercises taking place between the forces of the Philippines and the United States, that the plan will take place one week old.

However, military training Uncle sam-Philippine responded by Beijing doing something similar with a massive military drill with Moscow, causing the East Asian region seems increasingly strained as the increasing military  in the region. uncle Sam also seems increasingly frequent military exercises with South Korea , and Japan.

The conflict between Beijing and Manila  in South China Sea waters which had peaked last week, and now increasingly strained by Uncle Sam's participation in joint military exercises with Pilipine. Half forces is of course   increasing tension between China, U.S. in East Asia and southeast Asia.

Kostalasi observe the development of economic, political and military region would be threaten peace and stabilisation in ASEAN, especially the territorial dispute also involves many ASEAN countries. If a dispute among ASEAN member countries likely to be resolved peacefully ASEAN internal harmony, but Had involving Uncle Sam, Russia, China in dispute in the region is very dangerous because it would threaten international security.

In this context, Indonesia is very strategic position, so that if his regime is today a very weak power negotiations be squashed by the conflict .otherwise Had Indonesia as a strong state and politics "Free Active" is good with all the countries in conflict such a position can be used to bridge and alleviate conflicts peacefully.


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