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The Enterpreneur of Sony Rahardi Aramis

The Enterpreneur Profile of Sony Rahardi Aramis

Sony Rahardi Aramis his name is listed as seven members of the group (the Gang of Seven), but his figure barely circulating in the area. this one member is have low profile. Unlike the other members of the Group of Seven, Liem Sioe Liong, Sudwikatmono, and Ibrahim Risjad. Sony Rahardi never solo performed alias acting as his own.His name trailing the big names of others three members of the group of seven, both involved in business the Salim Group and Jimbaran Group.

In fact, Sony Rahardi
have role in raising of Kentjana Group and SCR InCorp and other companies set up then probably not inferior to the others.the Sulawesi man born 54 years ago it seemed indeed rather self-effacing. True, the name of Sony Rahardi Aramis once graced newspapers in Indonesia as one of the largest taxpayers in this country, or even as one of the richest men in Southeast Asia.

His wealth in 1996 was estimated to range between U.S. $ 600 million and U.S. $ 1 billion. After the crisis,
Now there has been no major reports of his wealth. Been reported asset wealth has decreased drastically, but still needed a more accurate study for it.

As the other members of the Group of Seven, Sony Rahardi have flags on the
re’s own. But he did not want the flag flying high as his colleague's. Sony Rahardy Group practically lost in the Salim Group, Surya-Subentra (Sudwikatmono), and Risjadson (Ibrahim Risjad). Sony Rahardi Group subsidiary that had emerged was the Prosperous Wellwood Primary. Others, such as hidden or concealed it well. It is unclear what are the main business of Rahardi Sony Group. Sony Rahardi lawyer, Lesley Chew, of law firm Khattar Wong & Partners, Singapore, was not willing to answer questions Singapore magazine.

Everything seemed secretive, like the earth and the sky compared with the figure and Sudwikatmono lunge. Half-brother of former president Soeharto's never had seemed awkward in public. H
is business is also growing rapidly. Subentra solar-active in the downstream and upstream, for example in the retail business (Golden Truly), chemical industry, film (film importer and cinema network 21), and banking (Bank Surya and Bank Subentra). But lately, Sudwi messy business. The second bank was closed, while the Golden Truly taken over by Hero.

Similarly, Ibrahim Risjad. Acehnese entrepreneur has a business under the banner of Salim Risjad Risjadson-including Bank (RSB).Risjad businesses were also destroyed after the crisis. RSB Bank taken over the government and eventually merged into Bank Danamon. 

Sudwikatmono  and very different from the Sony and Ibrahim, who did not move much beyond Salim. Sony seems to do spent his energy in the Salim Group. Almost in all the Salim Group's subsidiary, Liem asked Sony to be his partner. The person who has been named by Forbes magazine as the 75th richest person in 1996 in Southeast Asia is also actively managing subsidiaries from of Salim groups, K. Kentjana, Indofood, Indocement, to First Pacific (Hong Kong).

Only in Bank Central Asia (BCA) Sony is not
much  involved, both as shareholders and as directors. According to business consultant Wilson Nababan, Sony is the most trusted partner of Liem. In fact, reportedly, Sony is much more important position than the other of Salim two partners. In contrast to Sudwikatmono and Ibrahim, who entered the Salim Group through the "special door", Sony is a joint venture from the beginning  with Salim. "He's the person behind the screen that has an important role in Salim business growth," said the President Director of CISI Raya. Proximity to Salim stems from his friendship with the family relatives welllwood, including Bambang Tri Hatmodjo (the Son of former President Soeharto). 

They do business since he was a teenager in Surabaya city . Sugiono and two relatives together,  established with Sony. the Four Seas in Jakarta. Their businesses grow and Four Seas to be a supplier for the Navy of Indonesia. Five years later, Lim Chin Song entered and their company's name changed to Five Stars.

At this point that Sony introduced to Ibrahim Risjad,
partner of Lim Chin Song. At the suggestion of former President Soeharto, the Group of Seven and then joined the family founded the K. Kentjana Group’s and Liem Sioe Liong. Since then Liem and Sony as a partner forever. As with Liem, Sony has started to withdraw from the management of the Salim Group. Their partnership is now continued by their childrens.  the families of Salim Group’s  is Anthony Salim and Andree Salim are now holding hands with the families of Sony Rahardi Aramis, his children and his younger siblings. His daughter is Aprilia Aramis and Sony Rahardi  brothers or younger siblings, they are Herman  Aramis  and Jhony Aramis. According of rumours his daughter Aprilia Aramis will take over several business in sector mining and properties. Both of they childrens are joint venture  in the various subsidiaries.

Written by: M.
Rochim , Dewi Chahyani 


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