Monday, September 26, 2011

Secret grandchildren Joyoboyo, Angling Dharmo

King Angling Dharmo the 1160s reigned in the kingdom Malawapati, Bojonegoro area. He is a granddaughter of Sri Aji Joyoboyo from Kediri or Kadiri. During the Kediri kingdom of glory under the reign of Sri Aji Joyoboyo produce Kakawin Bharatayudha masterpiece by poet and mpu mpu Sedah Panuluh. Mpu Sedah allegedly translating from the language of the book Sansakerta into the ancient Javanese language. Mpu job is not completed by the due Sedah genius poet was sentenced to death by the court because of having an affair with Paramesywari Kediri. Finally the work was continued by mpu Panuluh up to be completed.

One of his daughters princess named Sri Aji Joyoboyo Pramesti been mated with the prince of Bojonegoro area. When the princess contain something that's happening in their households, so that the Princess returned to Kediri. To calm down the princess dwells on Mount Wilis to give birth to a son who is later named Angling Dharmo.

On the slopes of Mount Wilis are Watu Tumpuk area, supposedly there's birthplace Angling Dharmo newborn baby who later ruled in the kingdom Malawapti Bojonegoro area.

In the village of Watu Tumpuk in this twenty-first century Hindu temple there is still a mystery. Whereas all of slopes Willis had embraced Islam today, mosques and prayer room to spread throughout the corner.

Watu Tumpuk that is stacked stone, stone measuring three meters by one meter by two pieces that were piled at the curb the mountains as indicating the existence of a relationship with a Hindu temple right in the valley bottom of that road. Whereas in the surrounding area there are no other stone that big. Nature around Watu mountainous pile-gap and the gap follows the valleys. It is impossible to lift the large stones from the mountain above it or from below. Mysterious village far from the hustle and leaving a Hindu temple next to a modern mosque in the village was suitable as a place of exile Joyoboyo princess of a crowded world.


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