Monday, September 26, 2011

Divination Ronggowarsito "Satrio Piningit Hamong Tuwuh"

Republican leaders Nusantara fifth "Satrio Piningit Hamong Tuwuh" as predicted by the Javanese poet R. Ng. Ronggowarsito who lived in the early eighteenth century that is a leader who has the charisma of his descendants is the fifth president of Indonesia Hajjah Megawati Sukarnoputri (2001-2004). By itself among seven satrio Piningit who led the archipelago, two of which consisting of father and daughter. Bung Karno was the father of a first Satrio Piningit "Satrio Kinunjoro Murwo Kuncoro". The long journey remarkable trail Megawati occurred on July 27, 1996. Suharto, who is not willing to socio-political forces reduced the slightest attempt to muzzle an animal bearing the Party's tactics make it with twin counter-party. And counter-party supported the New Order was recognized by the Suharto regime and also does not recognize a party that very clear indeed original. So instead of growing public sympathy receding on the party's nationalist-based but rather continue to soar until Megawati actually occupying the seat of power in the Republic of Indonesia number one.

The party bearing the animal is indeed supported by the little people, or the underprivileged, especially in Java. Even in the general election post-Soeharto stepped down, everywhere on the edge of the road began Anyer to Banyuwangi Mega Party was set up shelters. All of that reflects how people want a new change to replace than the power of Suharto's New Order. At that time political experts had predicted, "Megawati sleep she would become President ...!"

In fact the flare to the chair number one is that Gus Dur, while Megawati became vice president. But the history of the later changes and other wills. Mega promoted to replace Gus Dur who was ousted by force by members of the legislature and Gentlemen, previously called by Gus Dur tantrum every time commenting on members of the council, "the House is like a kindergartner only!"

It was said before Mega seat number one in this Republic he met representatives of a superpower somewhere near the border of the Republic of Indonesia and agreed to promise not to mention the name of the Bung Karno if she later became president of Indonesia. Of course in exchange for Mega government will be supported by the West.

In 2001 the U.S. State Department released a confidential document is the work of the CIA during the years 1964-1966, as is the tradition prevailing in there then a document will be stored for twenty-five years since the event occurred and then be published for public consumption. Surprisingly official documents via the official website of the United States government that briefly circulated in cyberspace was later withdrawn. Similarly, the official print and circulate withdrawn. Apparently the United States does not want to happen no interruption of bilateral relations between Indonesia and the U.S., to publish documents in the overthrow of Sukarno's children Sukarno, Megawati, occupying the presidency.

As a result document can be circulated a few months later in Indonesia and the Bahasa Indonesia version. As per his promise during his reign Megawati did not once mention the discipline of rehabilitation Sukarno established by the New Order in the Tap MPRS 1967. It is said that Megawati Soekarno's biological child but Megawati the child rather than ideological Soekarno. Child's true ideological Sukarno found on one of the other children Bung Karno, he had several children from different wives. Child Bung Karno ideological spread across the country and abroad countless. The Sukarnoist Soekarno defended it better with their own way. Those who strive to uphold Soekarnoism Sukarno's ideological children. From the outside of their country, the Soekarnois it never stopped pounding the New Order and is the main hotbed of Suharto. Soeharto who make those overseas to be Stateless, loss of Indonesian citizenship, because they do not want to support New Order, and remained loyal to the Bung Karno who send them abroad to school, becomes ambassador, became a world-class organizer, or simply study appeal. The many talented young Indonesian sent by the party or government to the Soviet Union to study free full college degree.

Since the fall of Soeharto, Megawati also held an open house sort of, and anybody could come to his house on the road Kebagusan, if lucky will see first hand the leader of "little people", while enjoying a glass of cold drinks are served.

Satrio Piningit Hamong Tuwuh it does have charisma derived Bung Karno, either directly or indirectly. Little people support him because he is the biological child of Sukarno, not because of anything else. Deep in the period before the ascent to the peak power Soekarnois supposedly concerned with the absolute position of Megawati as a figure synonymous with the party's main strength bearing animals was also preparing for her successor, what if he suddenly something happens, it is reasonable Soekarnois concerns, they say, " Megawati was felt she could live another thousand years ....!"

The situation changed since the Mega actually become president, he has now set his crown princess.

In contrast to the replacement Mega, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, on various occasions occasionally still called Bung Karno and his teachings, especially regarding the Trisakti Bung Karno. For SBY teachings of Bung Karno's not a fossilized are outdated. Precisely Bung Karno's teachings will remain current throughout the period during the Republic was still standing upright. Bung Karno all thinking exactly perfect, but some or most Soekarnois say so, "Teachings of the Bung Karno Nasakom (Nationalist, Religious, Communist) ... very awesome ... unfortunately, yes, there really was Kom ... . "

It is said that to assess the weight of a politician in the archipelago in the quality or any other measure it with a "probe": "What about the political views of those concerned in assessing the Bung Karno," and he would then put in one of Nas, A, or Kom.

As a stone wedge for Megawati for the presidency comes from the religious pretext, "A woman should not be the caliph, or leader of the country and lead men and women, if one of the men were still able to advance as leaders."

And the other is a wedge that was once the president Megawati was not possible in one day in the future will become a vice president. Bung Karno's charisma that radiates in Satrio Piningit Hamong Tuwuh this is really a figure who can unite the party which is expected to change the fate of small people who have been unable to participate and enjoy the nectar of a country.


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