Monday, September 26, 2011

Divination Joyoboyo "Satrio Piningit--Sabdo Palon"

Post-goro-goro big hit the planet (among other things: end of the earth, the great war, world war, the attacks fall of celestial bodies, natural disasters constantly) and the recovery of the universe the earth like a normal human being to be normal again, the ratu adil aka Satrio Piningit aka Satrio pinanditho sinisihan revelation was accompanied by the latest incarnation or reincarnation Sabdo Palon would appear to lead the glory and the earth south of the archipelago with a population of people of color. While the white and yellow-skinned people are not into his affairs. Similarly, when greeting Sabdo Palon first appeared after disappearing for five hundred years since the collapse of Majapahit.
According forecast Joyoboyo tangent emergence "ratu adil" aka Satrio Piningit and also appropriate greeting Palon Sabdo above its two prominent leader of the archipelago is a single bi-complementary to each other and not contradict each other. Task or role is to hold Sabdo Palon a "fit and propher test" against Satrio Piningit. Since the first appeared Sabdo Palon already provides the empty throne chair, and anyone who could sit on it then he would be appointed as king. As an illustration of the modern state structure Sabdo Palon will act as a "judicial" and "legislative", Satrio Piningit reign "executive".
Sabdo Palon indeed have emerged but the Satrio Piningit not yet exist or have not advanced to the front Sabdo Palon. Why? Satrio Piningit not received a divine revelation or supernatural revelation "pulung keprabon" because it had not arrived at the right time. When and where the existence and potential Satrio Piningit and Sabdo Palon have not been found as long as they do not arise because of large or large-goro goro has not happened. In Karl Marx's and V.I. Lenin theory of revolutionary leader, "the leadership will come when all the people were ready to bring about a revolution." The leader of the revolution will not announce when to start a revolution, it is the people who feel their lives too miserable and no longer trust the state. That's when a leader comes forth to the front to lead the people that have been mature about to evolve.
Here are the verses that describe the emergence of Satrio Piningit that were raised by the King Sri Aji Joyoboyo from Kediri in the eleventh century AD:

selet-selete yen mbesuk ngancik tutuping tahun
sinungkalan dewa wolu, ngasta manggalaning ratu
bakal ana dewa ngejawantah
apengawak manungsa

Later towards the closing years sinungkalan dewa wolu, ngasta manggalaning ratu. It would appear that the gods down to earth a human form (Satrio Piningit).


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