Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wonder Technology for Martial Arts

Recognized or not, many hunters  martial arts, especially in the power of science who felt less satisfied with the knowledge that he already has. Why? Science works only when facing mounting anger people.

Everyone, especially young people, who not only wants science to survive when there is an outside attack. or in other words, still need ways to'' influence'' of people who are not in a state of anger / attack. It deals with the tendency of people to apply for fun.

Dissatisfaction has always given birth to new things. It is the Eko Mulyadi (31) is located at Jl KH Ali Sanusi Rt 04 Rw 1 Holy Jekulo Jekulo or north of the old market (Mobile 0822917542), the one day meeting with people who can make it emit electricity from his body.

Eko Mulyadi or better known as Eko Gandhong old admitted researching the causes of the vibration energy is strong enough electricity.

In her experience, energy in - whatever the flow - only works when the target (attacker) in a state of anger.

Later, the ability of electrical vibrations emitting from the body it starts in an environment dominated by a limited though.

And hunt long to find out the intricacies of science'' caught'' when he met with a psychic who was visiting Bali in Central Java.

When asked whether the ability to emit electric vibrations in the category of technology or ngelmu mind? Eko does not explain in detail. In essence, the power that is naturally existing in the human body that can be activated with the magic of technology he developed. '' Anyway, to make people become human power, I just took half a minute,'' he assured.

Eko himself preferred to call it as'' the ability of the magic of technology.'' It is so called because of the initial discovery, he had involved his engineering degree, an electrical engineer, and all of them give up. Even he himself admitted nearly stress and have spent millions of dollars for research and technological improvements that magic.

The existence of radiant electric vibrations in the body it can be proved directly with the technology. For example, the body and touched ditespen bulb can be lit, while the person who touches the body it felt like to touch the power cord. And vibration depending on the needs, whether electrically charged 110 Volt or 220 Volt.

Yan magic technology developed has a dual function. Ie, can be used for fun magic, whereas the resonance for the purpose of self defense must be completed 220.

The uniqueness of the technology is already widely proven Eko some people. For example, the driver of his time travel can throwing mugged in surprise with the release of electric shock. Even recently, in a whisper, Eko has begun to introduce the technology to young executives in Semarang.


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