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Knowing The Stone "Mustika Mirah Delima"

The Stone Mustika Mirah Delima
mustika batu merah delima

During this time our ears often hear stories about the greatness of Mustika Mirah Delima stone, who said the price could reach billions of dollars this. of course, if the stone original Pomegranate Mustika Mirah. How to know the authenticity, if the stone is inserted into the water can penetrate light up a couple of glasses. The more glass exposed to the red biases, it is believed to be the more potent efficacy of the stone, and of course the price is getting boosted.

Hearing things like this Kanjeng Djoko smile. "If you like that's easy, dude .." . Mirah Delima Mustika stones could be demonstrated much more just such things, "he said. He was invited me to demonstrate the authenticity Mirah Delima.

time to show off the Mustika Mirah Delima stone finally arrived . I came up with some friends, but by Khanjeng Djoko, only I myself who is allowed entry into the space in particular, called Gedong Pusoko, to look directly at this event.

Royal symbol of the necklace is always worn Kanjeng Djoko, a locket bearing duck egg taked from the royal palace of Kasunanan Surakarta Sultanate was opened.

"Well, coincidentally Mirah Delima is being returned. Usually will return to Mount Lawu," said Kanjeng Djoko showing the Mustika Mirah Delima stone, that only the seeds of soybean, without any bound.

First, he took a glass of water. then put the stone Mirah Delima into the glass. Then Khanjeng Djoko berkonsantrasi meditation to dialogue with khodam stones. Soon anomaly occurs, the rock suddenly like dye memendar exposed to water, and before I know red rose to the top and a circle, looks like a red and white flag.

Furthermore, Djoko Kanjeng ordered khodam Mustika Mirah Delima was to change the color, the clear, red, clear and red. Yes, the water in the glass changes according to Kanjeng Djoko command.

My eyes widened. An inanimate object as if it could live atsmanya move, things will be immiscible with the owner and ordered any form will be realized.

Not only that, the show continued. I was asked to hold Mustika Mirah Delima, then the owner of this rare thing stone said, "When it touched by human hands, only 5 minutes at the most, matter form Mustika this will turn into a de-matter."

And it's true. Having been in the palm of my hand, five minutes later Mustika Mirah Delima was suddenly transformed into a kind of smoke, and the whole room house Pusoko Kanjeng Djoko all turned red. Then the red color was long gone and another shaped rubies are only for soybean seeds.

To I, Kanjeng Djoko said that Mustika Mirah Delima this is a true son of King Brawijaya VII , or Brawijaya Pamungkas, who was born of a concubine garwa ampilan or while on the run from Majapahit kingdom to Mount Lawu. Unfortunately, the baby is born prematurely or the Javanese say 'miscarriage'. So the King Brawijaya Pamungkas a clairvoyant named Raden Segugur or often just called Raden Segugur. He is also known as Sunan Kanjeng Lawu Bagus, who also has a name Kanjeng Kyai Paser Dewo Geni. Thus, in Mustika khodam Mirah Delima was also named Kanjeng Kyai Paser Dewo Geni.

Although just for soy beans, a psychic from the neighbor country with a dowry ever offered Rp. 5 billion.
"Mustika like this can not be traded. Useless, will dissappear," said Kanjeng Djoko.

Mustika Mirah Delima not only exhibited by him. There is another Yellow Wesi Mustika. Magnitude only sejarum bundle. "It also comes and goes. Essentially this is the wife Wesi Yellow Mustika Mirah Delima, she is the Queen of Subtle Being reigned in Goa Ketonggo who holds the Queen Saloko Kyai Domas.

"It is works immune  for any weapon !"  said Kanjeng Djoko.

One more, in the form of Bo Lulang Landoh. If Lulang Landoh Bo has never left the necklace worn Kanjeng Djoko.

"If this Landoh Bo Lulang all his weaknesses when stabbed by a knife owned by the seller getuk (cassava) it will be translucent and made powerfully for who borrowed," said Djoko Khanjeng.

That said, according to his story after the Landoh got Lulang Kebo Landoh heritage village's character is dead, and her skin used as amulets, they became proud and arrogant. Then there is a holy man posing as a seller getuk. Parents are invited to be insulted and bet, if the knife can puncture the skin of Landoh.

What distinguishes the stone with Mustika Mirah Delima Merah Delima one of them according to the ancient book Pepelikan Selo is Mirah Delima said that the stones are genuine (original) red as a pomegranate. And it could be if Mustika stone had belonged to someone else who Linuwih, like King Gung Binathara, a kind of holy men Wali, Aulia, etc..

Practical way to test the authenticity of the stone Mustika, for lay people simply put in the glass will emit a reddish tinge color. Efficacy in general, is: ora distinct footprint palune padde (immune), which have to be exalted rank.

Unfortunately, Mustika Mirah Delima may disappear by itself when treating rash, dirty and has bad intentions, like adultery and so on.

Mustika Mirah Delima reportedly also be used to treat men who quickly jumped into bed when the semen out or impotence. The trick, rubies put into a glass of water and mixed with Camelia flower, and then immersed for 5 minutes. The water is then drunk.

Being used only if the stone Mirah Delima (not Mustika) the gold diembani perendamnya about 1 hour. In this way the discharge of semen will be long. Moreover, every regular drinking at 5 am, will be very good results.

According to the history of the occult, the initial creation of the navel Mirah Delima Shang Hyang lotus flower that grows Vishnu (lotus). Out of this lotus Shang Hyang Brama, who later created the universe and everything in it.

All you need diwedar here the word 'navel' of the literal meaning is udel (navel), but the truth is the core (pupil), lajer (principal), raw, tuk (the source), or baboons (parent). Tunjung interest, yes, also called Taratya lotus, lotus, sinjanu, sarasedya, surajaweh, celestial and Kumuda, all of which is a series of pralampitaning Gesang (symbol of life).

From here Hyang Brama is the symbol Makartining Gesang. Shang Hyang Vishnu was then titled Padmanaba or Navel Lotus, which means that led to life (Makartining Gesang). Loro-ning-atunggal (two but one) of actual life in the sense of being alive. It was like honey and sweet, the sun and its rays.

According to legend in Sri Lanka, Mirah Pomegranate or Ruby stone belonging to the minerals corundum (korund), the hardness of 9, BJ 3.99-4.0. Ruby said originally derived from the Latin word 'ruber' meaning red. If it illuminates with 1 watt ultraviolet light will glow bulbs. If heated to 1000 C, due to the formation of these stones to choose the right place straight-line line, called Aquator or equator. Mirah Delima and stone is most prevalent in the land of the Pharaoh (Egypt) and its environs in the Dark Continent, Africa.

Mirah Delima is composed of actual Marley contain the substance (the sun) very much, because the always illuminated by the Shang Hyang Sewangkara, for so his place on the Equator. Classified as a hard pepelikan cello, just below the diamond.

Back legend Sri Lanka, a few kilometers from the cliff that after branching into small rivers. The river was then wet fields in the region Amaole, making this a fertile area prospered. One day Shiva Bathara the watery creek crossing is clear, dear hands scratched the rock until it bled. These drops of blood falling on the sand at the edge of time and become a rock Mirah Delima.

In the archipelago, especially Java and Bali, Mustika Mirah Delima are found in the former palace ruins, for example the former palace of Majapahit. UB palace escape Lawu (Argo Dumilah) as belonging Khanjeng Djoko above. Properties can be used to treat severe pain, vomiting of blood, a disease that comes from Black Magic, etc.. As pepeling (warning / warning ancestors) do not use the cracked stone, bad effects.

Although not get Mustika Mirah Delima, stone Mirah Delima (Ruby) biasapun menurtu trust will have the property / owner aura boost, namely: to bring happiness in love, impotence cure (as above), making the user adds a powerful and stylish, protect yourself from toxins and any malicious intent (the color change if there is a danger), expanding relationships, avoid rain and wind noise, and the magic power to protect property. Wallahu A'lamu Bisshawab ...!


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