Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A long time ago in Prambanan palace lived a king named Baka with his beautiful daughter Roro Jongrang. Many rulers wanted to marry Roro Jograng, so they competed for her. When Bandung Bondowoso conquered Prambanan, he killed king Baka in a battle.
Bandung Bondowoso let Roro Jongrang live, but she was supposed to marry Bandung. She refused, making Bandung humiliated and offended. Roro Jograng struggled to escape, but it was in vain.
Finally Roro agreed to marry Bandung, but on one condition. Bandung had to present a big wonderful palace with one thousand sculptures in it. And he had to finish it before the sun rose. He agreed.
Bandung immediately called his invisible friend for help. They did what their master ordered. Knowing it, Roro was worried. It appeared they would finish the work before morning, and would not stop.
What can I do? Roro thought in a panic. Suddenly she had an idea. She awoke her maids and nannies, and asked them to do their daily routines as if morning had come. They also made shadow as if there was a sun in the sky.
Bandung was surprised. The sky was red, the roosters crowed, and the people pounded rice. Meanwhile the job had not been finished. The evil spirits disappeared because they were scared of light.
Bandung was there alone. When he found out that Roro had used tricks he cursed her. He turned her into a stone, which completed the temples. Even today, the statue of Roro Jongrang remains in the temple.


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