Monday, September 26, 2011

Secrets of the Majapahit Dynasty

Between 1221-1222 Ken Arok akuwu Tumapel won the war on Ganter against the forces which covers an area Tumapel Kediri (about Singosari). Arok Tumapel led forces to secede as a conquered kingdom, Arok bloom as akuwu Tumapel replace Ametung stumps with a veiled coup Java style that was neat, he received help her loyal friends and also people Shiva.

Ken Arok backgrounds who live in these forests and rob rich people and merchants across the forest.Treasure robbery he witnessed by all members of the container with the wild forces. There is no chance for anyone to use that property to private interests.

Treasure it as capital to seize supreme power in Tumapel. To buy a gun and others. Arok had entered the palace disguised as enemy troops exterminator riots that often occur in various parts of Tumapel region.

Until one day Ametung dead stumps. And the people came in droves to celebrate their joy for free from the tyrant who had been burdening his subjects with tribute-the tribute of their life is very burdensome.

With the consent of all the people on the territory of stumps Ametung Tumapel, Arok, the thief is appointed to be a substitute as akuwu Tumapel Ametung stumps. Dedes marry at the same time, the widow stumps Ametung who had been long acquainted with each other, as a secret ally in the palace Tumapel.
Arok enlarge its military strength, to withstand the forces of Kediri every moment will come to give punishment for the kingdom of his own subordinates that determine the choice, namely raise Arok without getting approval from Kediri.

Chief of the army of Kediri kingdom, Mahesa Wulung, finally died after a battle at Ganter that had excelled Arok.

Kediri fallen subsided, and began to build Singosari Arok and bloom became king with the title of Sri Rajasa. Arok, the thief's descendants who eventually established the glorious Majapahit with plus power includes the Archipelago of Malaysia and the Philippines. Majapahit naval forces sailed up to the black continent of Africa.

Shrewdness, ingenuity Arok to seize the throne of, treasure, and she did by the elegant and brilliant. This was evidenced by the broad support from all circles of society at that time: the peasants, priests, hunters and so forth. They all want a new leader who wisely in a way not to burden the people living with various regulations and levies taxes and free from abuse, especially of the military forces which have high discipline in order to always be respectful to the people.

Raden Wijaya breed founder of Majapahit was one grandson and descendants Ken Dedes.


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