Monday, September 26, 2011

Secret Sidoarjo Mudflow

Top Hits 100 days to harvest storm SBY government everywhere that lead to the president. Who would let down the wind? In the reign of Gus Dur, SBY, who was then serving as Minister, he wrote his work in a collection entitled 100 Tahun Bung Karno (100 Years of Bung Karno) "SBY and Tri Sakti Bung Karno."

In the Indonesia Bersatu Cabinet Volume one hundred-day program the past five epidemic unsmooth course, one important factor is that JK was on the side of SBY, thus reducing cornering all the turmoil of the Party-led SBY JK itself.

Answers, "Who now raise a storm and hurricanes that," it can be easily predicted: JK no longer control his own party in order not to attack SBY. Moreover, JK has come down from his post as party leader and replaced by AB.

AB which has a natural gas drilling in Sidoarjo, who made a mistake drilled crooked, so the power of the earth's atmosphere, carrying sludge out, causing disasters in the region Porong mud flow, until now, AB or other experts have not managed to tame the mud in the area that Porong bursts.
Return to a forgotten past. Porong area that has built flood control channel or channels to tame the river Brantas by King grants in the 1040s. So that the area is free of flooding and generate new agricultural areas is very fertile and the people prosper during that time. That is one mighty works of grants in the prosperity of its people.

Porong Canal was built around 1000 years ago, and during the same Brantas basin sink to the bottom of Porong area. Mathematically Brantas river flow and sediment were collected during the 1000 year and a large gas reserves in the area (as evidenced by the option of drilling at that location) also took 1000 years to stop the mud flow which is now underway. As a result to stop the mud flow caused by drilling nonsense Porong it right in the location that was built by the King grants it a matter of time.

King Erlangga known as the incarnation Wisnhu, god-building, is a god for the peasantry. Can be imagined how a thousand years ago to build a canal along tens of kilometers without modern tools. How many farmers who gathered force, either voluntarily or not the want to own.

The storm that hit AB in 1000 year is now transferred to the SBY 100 days.


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