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Reveals the Mystery of The Sabdo Palon (one of The Sons of The Devil)

Sabdo Palon was known isThe Guardian of the Land of Java (Nusantara)

In an effort to probe the mystery of who actually Sabdo Palon, I begin by reviewing manuscript of edict  Sabdo Palon and Darmagandhul forecasts. Here will not question who made these works to not cause much debate. because a reasonable explanation of the reasoning is very complicated, but it can be drawn with a spiritual approach to the red thread that will lead to a bright spot. And this can ultimately be traced to historical logic. 

Is interesting in searching for the answer of who
is Sabdo Palon? because the words Sabdo Palon and Noyo Genggong as spiritual advisor to King Brawijaya V (reigned from 1453 to 1478) not only can be found in the manuscript Darmagandhul, but in the last verse of the prophecy Jayabaya (1135-1157) has also been mentioned, namely 164 and 173 verses describing the figure of Putra Betara Indra, as follows: 

...; Qualified sakabehing behavior; nugel pindho Kaping Java land; ngerahake devil jin; kumara prewangan, under the command of the devils Saeko proyo kinen ambantu manungso padha Java asesanti trident Vedas; landhepe triniji sacred; bener, jejeg, honest; kadherekake Sabdopalon Noyogenggong lan. 
(...; Control of the entire teaching (ngelmu); cut
ing the second time the land of Java; exert jinni and devils; all spirits under the unified command to helps Java man guided by the Vedas trident; sharp nan holy trinity; right, straight, honest; accompanied by Sabdopalon and Nayogenggong) 

nglurug without reinforcements; yen tan ngasorake liyan win; the subjects padha love-love; clan wus adiling prince puzzles; ratune worshiping servant; angagem Wedha trident; the pandhita hiya padha revere; hiya iku momongane Sabdopalon feet; sing wis wirang nanging kondhang race; contacted by other kacetha genaha njingglang; nora wong ana ngresula less; hiya iku tandane kalabendu wis minger; centi wektu jejering kalamukti; Andayani indering universe; padha Asung bhekti. 
(Attacking without troops; if not insulting the other win; people exult, because the Almighty has come for justice; king worshiping people; armed with a trident Wedha; the priests also in worship: it is a caring Sabdopalon; who have borne the shame but the luminary; everything seems bright: there is no shortage of complaining: it is a sign of the times kalabendu was over; changed h
is glory days; strengthen the fabric of the universe, all of them put a high respect) 

The Manuscript Darmogandhul 
manuscript of Darmagandhul and the works of our ancestors needed wisdom and neutrality are high, because it contains the Java kawruh very high. If not then it would appear ripe religious sentiments of other faiths. of course this is not our wish.There is no other intention than but I just wanted to uncover the facts and dissect the heritage of spiritual and historical approach. 

the manuscript of Dharmagandhul, I just wanted to highlight the important remarks on the meeting between the Sunan Kalijaga (saint of Islam), King Brawijaya V and Sabdo Palon in Blambangan. This meeting occurs when Sunan Kalijaga search and find the center of  King Brawijaya V fled to Blambangan to request assistance from the royal army in Bali and China to hit back at his son attack, which has destroyed and Broken kingdom of Majapahit. but this can be prevented by Sunan Kalijaga and finally King Brawijaya V convert to Islam. Because Sabdo Palon not willing to convert to Islam at the urging of King Brawijaya V, then they parted. Before the separation occurs is useful to look at the following remarks: 

Sabdo Palon
said : 
"Sire sampun kêlajêng kêlorob, willing dados jawan, IRIB-iriban, petty-nunut nunut obedient, to no avail Emong me, me wirang dhatêng earth sky, wirang momong tiyang cabluk, kula badhe pados momongan ingkang mripat satunggal, petty botên momong majesty. Manawi majesty ... botên pitados, kang kasêbut ing pikêkah Jawi, Manik name Maya, punika me, ingkang crater services wedang sanginggiling Redi REDI Mahmeru punika SADAYA me, ... " 
("His Majesty had already fallen, will be the ja
van (losing its Javanese), being likes arabian, only part of it, no point in my custody, I am ashamed to the earth and sky, shy caring the idiot,
I want to seek care monocular (have principles / strong faith), is not happy .... If I take care your majesty is your majesty does not believe, who called the doctrine of Java ?, the name I called Manik Maya (Semar) ?, who which makes the hot water in the crater of the mountain are all mine, ... ") 

In Sabdo Palon speech stated that he was very shy to the earth and sky on the King Brawijaya V decision to convert to Islam. This figure has been expressed in verse 173 Jayabaya which reads: 
"..., Hiya iku momongane Sabdopalon feet; sing wis penalty wirang nanging kondhang; ..." 
("... That's
the person caring by Sabdopalon; who have borne the shame but fame; ..."). In this speech also asserted that he was Sabdo Palon actually being said in the Java kawruh with what is known as the "Manik Maya" or "Semar". 

"Sabdapalon matur arêp misah yen, with didangu lungane to a ngêndi, Lunga ature ora, ora nanging manggon ing kono, mung nêtêpi jênênge Semar, nglimputi salire form, anglela kalingan padhang. ..... " 
("Sabdo Palon said it would split up, so asked where it goes, the answer is not to go, but not located there, just specify the name
is Semar, which includes all forms, make vague ......") 

Once again in this speech Sabdo Palon confirmed that
he was named Semar. for people who hold to Java kawruh must be clear about what and how is the Semar. Briefly explained that Semar is a supernatural messenger from Gusti Kang Murbeng Dumadi (God Almighty) to perform the tasks that humans always worship and devoted to God, always grateful and aware and walking in the path of goodness. before the man knew the religion, the existence of the Semar has been in the face of the earth. He gets a special assignment from the Gusti Kang Murbeng Dumadi to maintain and preserve the archipelago in particular, and the universe in general.

Note following the phrase of the Sabdo Palon : 
Ature Sabdapalon sêndhu: "Kula niki sing Queen Dhang Hyang rumêksa Java. Sintên ingkang jumênêng Nata, dados momongan me. Wiwit so rumiyin ancestral majesty, the Wiku Manumanasa, Bambang Sakri Sakutrêm lan, run-tumurun ngantos dumugi sapriki, kula momong pikukuh lajêr Jawi, ..... 
....., Dumugi sapriki age-kula sampun langkung 3 epidemic in 2000, momong lajêr Jawi, botên wontên ingkang ewah agamanipun, ..... " 
(Sabdo Palon said sadly: "I was guarding the Quee
n’s Dhang Hyang of Java lands. Who is enthroned, a farm servant. starting from the first ancestor of your majesty, the Wiku Manumanasa, Sakutrem and Bambang Sakri, from generation to generation until today, a servant of the king's seed-raising Javanese kings, ..... 
....., Until now it has 2,000
years age I servant in the caring of Javanese kings, nothing has changed their religion, ....") 

The expression above states that Sabdo Palon (Semar) has existed in the archipelago was even 525 years BC when calculated from the end of the rule of King
Brawijaya V in 1478. Currently in 2007, mean the age of Sabdo Palon has reached 2532 years. At least that age calculations can give to us, although the numbers are pointing in the future will very toleransif its ancestors. Among spiritualists Java in general, the existence of Semar is believed to be a "voice without form". But specifically for those who understand the deeper, the existence of Semar is believed by the term "mencolo son, mencolo daughter", meaning that it can come into being and disguised as a human being in a different form in each period. But in its realization as a human remains characterize Semar character as someone "Begawan or Pandhita/saint". This is understandable because in Java kawruh known the concept of "perk" and "Clark Manggilingan". 

From what has been mentioned above, we have little understanding that as a spiritual guide Sabdo Palon
/Semar to King Brawijaya V is a real figure. According to the expression of Palon Sabdo words:

"..., Your majesty me my name dhatêng punapa Sabdapalon gloss? Word têgêsipun pamuwus, Palon: pikukuh kandhang. Naya têgêsipun caterpillar, genggong: botên ewah lasting. Dados punika wicantên-kula, kenging kangge pikêkah caterpillar land pasêmoning Jawi, salaminipun lasting. " 
("..., Do not forget
with the named ?, your majesty.. I’m Sabdo the Word meaning of words, Palon is fastening wooden cage, Nayo means to view, genggong lasting meaning has not changed. So it acts as a servant greeting of life in the land of Java, lasting forever. ") 

Just as Semar has been widely recognized as the true
care always reminded that when in “care" was the wrong way, wrong thinking or wrong action, especially if the violation of the provisions of Almighty God. Semar always give advises to how the noble character while living in this world as a preparation for the next long trip later. So Semar is the care a "tut wuri handayani", a place to ask for a very broad knowledge and ability, and possess a wise and humble as well very powerfull (sakdurunge understand winarah). All that is spoken Semar never be a "command to do" but rather "how should do". All decisions will be taken handed it to the "master" it.Semar or legs Semar itself has 110 names, including the Ki Sabdopalon, Sang Hyang Ismoyo, Ki Bodronoyo, and others. 

In the episode recounted
manuscript of Darmogandhul. Sabdo Palon has been make declaration to separate between him and King Brawijaya V because of the difference principle. Before parting Sabdo Palon expressed disappointment with his words that contain predictions about the future of the expected figure. The following phrases were: 

"..... Paduka yêktos, Manawi sampun polite Islam agami, agami nilar Buddha, down majesty tamtu Apes, Jawi Kantun jawan, Jawinipun ical, petty nunut Sanes nation. Benjing tamtu dipunprentah on Tuesday, Jawi tiyang ingkang mangrêti. " 
My lord ...need to understand, if it has changed the religion of Islam, Buddhism left, sire offspring would be damned, Jawi land (the person who understands Java kawruh) leave Javan (losing his self-Java), Jawi is gone, like chimed in another nation. One day course will be led by the Javanese (Jawi) who understands. " 

"..... The King diaturi ngyêktosi, visiting yen ing ana ajênêng tuwa wong Java, agêgaman kawruh, yes iku be cared Sabdapalon sing, wong jawan arêp diwulang wêruha marang Bener escape. " 
("..... The King was asked to understand, one day when
the peoples of Java using an old name (old), hold Java kawruh on Java land, which was raised by the Words, the Javan (which has lost its Java) will be taught in order to see the truth or falsity. ") 

Of the two expressions above Sabdo Palon King
Brawijaya V reminds that someday there will be people who understand Java kawruh (tiyang Jawi) who will lead the world this archipelago. Also said that there came the Javanese day care who uses the name Sabdo Palon elderly / old (could be "father", or "grandparent") which holds Java kawruh  will teach and expose the truth and the errors of the events that occurred that time and its consequences in the running. This implies the existence of two figures in the expression of which is the Sabdo Palon words prediction in the future, namely the expected leader and spiritual guide (a pandhita).Semar or like Arjuna and also King Parikshit and Abhiyasa Begawan. 

Further told: 
"The King karsane arêp ngrangkul Sabdapalon Nayagenggong lan, nanging wong loro would pour musna. The King ngungun sarta nênggak waspa, sprinkle wusana ngandika marang Kalijaga Sunan: "Ing tomorrow nagara nagara Blambangan salina User Name Banyuwangi, dadiya Tenger Sabdapalon ênggone bali land marang momongane anggawa Java. Dene samêngko Sabdapalon isih nglimput aneng Sabrang land. " 
("The King wishes to embrace Sabdo Palon and Nay
ogenggong, but the two were then vanished. The King surprised and confused and then said to saint Sunan Kalijaga:
" Change the name Blambangan be Banyuwangi, make it as a sign of his returning on the earth in Java land..! Sabdo Palon will bring his caring. Now This Sabdo Palon still wandering in the lands of Java. ") 

From this sentence clearly indicates that Sabdo Palon and King
Brawijaya V split in what is now called Banyuwangi. Across the land in question is none other than the island of Bali. To find out more in order to uncover this mystery, it helps us examine a little about the forecast for the following Sabdo Palon. 

Palon forecast
Because Sabdo Palon not
willing to change his religion to convert to Islam, then the text forecast for this Palon Sabdo expressed his saying as follows: 

Sabdo Palon sugal mature, "Yen boten architectural subjects, Ngrasuka Islam, Wit me puniki yekti, Dang Hyang Ratuning Jawi, Momong marang putu child, the Nata Sagung Kang, Kang jurneneng Tanah Jawi, Wus pinasthi sayekti me farewell. 
Sabdo Palon answered roughly: "I do not want to convert to Islam oh my Majesty, because I was the leader of the kings and queens of  Dang Hyang (the devils and jinni all Java lands. I was  helps your ancestor children and grandchildren as well as the kings and the queens in the land of Java. It is underlined we must to apart...!) 

Paduka Klawan the Nata, Maring Wangsul sunya Ruri, Mung petungna me mature, Ing benjang sakpungkur mami, Kang Yen prapta wus Wanci, Jangkep gangsal atus years, Wit ing dinten punika, Kula gantos agami kang, Gama Buda me spread the land of Java. 
“ by separated my Lord is to my origins. However, please note my Majesty. Later, after 500 years, I will replacing Javanese faith again (meaning Kawruh Budi), I spread throughout the land of Java..”) 

Sinten tan purun nganggeya, Yekti damaged me sami, Sun sajekken putu me, Berkasakan rupi-rupi, Dereng relieved kang ati, Yen Durung melting atempur, Kula damel pratandha, Pratandha tembayan mami, Hardi Merapi lava milli njeblug wus yen. 
(If anyone does not want to
take it, I will destroy all of them. Being a devils food and others. Not satisfied my heart untill I have destroyed all. I will make the sign for my coming back  with my words. When in the future of the Mount Merapi erupted and spewed lava.) 

Ngidul ngilen purugira, Ngganda ingkang warih banger, Nggih punika me my medal, Wus cultivation spread religion, Merapi promise mami, Anggereng satuhu universe, Karsanireng Jawata, S
adaya Gumanti cultivation, Boten kenging kalamunta kaowahan. 
the Lava will flows into the Southwest. It smells bad. That's a sign when I just arrived in the land of Java. It's starting to spread Javanese faith (Kawruh Budi). Later mount Merapi will explode. It's a fate Hyang Widi that everything must alternate. It can not be changed again. ) 

Sanget-sangeting sangsara, Kang tuwuh ing ground Jawi, Sinengkalan tahunira, Lawon Ngesthi Sapta Aji, Upami nyabrang time, middle-tengahipun Prapteng, Kaline flood bandhang, Jerone ngelebne jalmi, Kathah vanished manungsa prapteng pralaya. 
(Later, the most miserable time in
the Java lands.. that year: Seven mounts will erupted. for instance, a river crossing had arrived in the middle. suddenly the river floods, which washed away so many mens would died.) 

Bebaya ingkang tumeka, Tanah Jawi Warata sa, Ginawe kang Paring Gesang, Tan kenging dipun flown, Wit donya puniki ing, ing Wonten sakwasanipun, Sedaya pre Jawata, Kinarya amertandhani, Universe Today yekti ana akarya kang. 
(The danger came to spread throughout the land of Java. It is the will of God can
not be rejected again. for this world in his hand. This is a proof that the real world there are made.) 

from above verses we understand that it can be stated by Sabdo Palon parted with King Brawijaya V  back to its origin. we need to know that ordinary human beings Semar is the incarnation of the god Sang Hyang Ismoyo. So when it Sabdo Palon plans to return to the natural origin is heaven (nature of the gods), again as a manifestation of deity, Sang Hyang Ismoyo. The length of leave for 500 years. And then Sabdo Palon expressed his promises to come back on the earth in the land of Java (the level of the archipelago) with certain signs. Expresses the main sign is vomiting lava volcano to the southwest. It smells bad. And also then followed by other disasters. That sign has come Sabdo Palon. In the world of the puppet state is denoted by the title: "Semar Ngejawantah". 

Let us ponder for a moment about the incidence of vomiting lava volcano last year in which the first set their status to the highest level: "
beware mount Merapi". When that night came out Merapi lava moving toward "Southwest". On that day on May 13, 2006 is the full moon coincides with the Feast of Waisyak (Buddhist) and festival of Brass (Hindu). In essence the name "Sabdo Palon Nayo genggong" is a symbol that united the two units, namely: Hinduism - Buddhism (Buddha Siva). Islam in the two units is represented by two sentences Creed. If the figures date, month and year are summed, then: 1 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 6 = 17 (1 + 7 = 8). We know the number 17 is sacred number. 17 is the number of rak'ah prayers five times in the Islamic shariah. 17 is also a symbol of the essence of "pitu sap of the earth" and "sap pitu sky" which comes from the One, Allah SWT. While the number 8 is the symbol of the eight directions of the compass. In Bali it is symbolized by what we know as "Paradise of the Universe Sad". This means that in this instance the eight power of the gods together, and deliver welcoming Ismoyo Sang Hyang (Sabdo Palon) to come down to the earth. In the Java kawruh, Sang Hyang Ismoyo is the figure of the god who is respected by all the gods. And Mount Merapi here symbolizes the essence of a place or means of falling to the earth god (incarnate). 

ho the true "Sabdo Palon and Nayo Genggong"? 
After we read and understand the whole archipelago ancestors wills in this manuscript then the time comes, I will review in accordance with my understanding of who actually Sabdo Palon Noyo genggong it. from the narrative of the father of  Marhaen, I get the answer: "Sabdo Palon ponokawan is spiritual advisor for King Brawijaya V and pandhita powerfull of the Majapahit empire. from a spiritual search, it is a true Palon Sabdo : Dang Hyang Nirartha / Mpu Dwijendra / Rauh Wawu Rawuh / Mr Sumeru which ultimately moksa at Pura Uluwatu. "(I also shudder to hear this name) 

Of reference that I
’ve got, Dang Hyang Nirartha was the son of Dang Hyang Asmaranatha, and grandson of the Mpu or Dang Hyang Tantular Angsokanatha (author Kakawin Sutasoma where it is listed in "Unity in Diversity" the motto of Indonesia nation now). Nirartha was a Buddhist priest who was then a priest of Shiva. He was also given the name and dubbed Mpu Dwijendra Wawu Rawuh Rauh, he is also known as a poet. In Dwijendra Tattwa recounted as follows: 
"In The Kingdom of Majapahit
empire in East Java, there was a named Dang Hyang Bhagawan Dwi Jendra. He was honored for his devotion to the very high against the king and the people through spiritual teachings, increase prosperity and tackle the problems of life. He is known to spread the teachings of Hinduism with the name "Dharma Yatra". In Lombok he called "Mr. Sumeru" or teacher of Semeru, Semeru now was the name of a mountain in East Java. " 

With supernatural abilities and his heart's eyes, he saw the seeds of the collapse of the Hindu kingdom in Java Island. Mean heart about to break up the warring parties, but will not be able to resist the will of the Creator, is characterized by various natural disasters that allegedly participated
contribution in the fall of Majapahit kingdom (one of which is a natural disaster "Pagunungan Anyar"). Finally he got the instructions to move to an island that is still under the control of Majapahit, the island of Bali. Before going to the island of Bali, Dang Hyang Nirartha moved to Daha (Karachi), then to Makati and then to Blambangan. 

He first arrived on the island of Bali from Blambangan caka circa 1411 or 1489 AD when the Kingdom of Bali led by
King Dalem Waturenggong Dwipa. He was a revelation in Purancak, Jembrana in Bali that have been developed to understand the worship Hyang Widhi Tripurusa in his manifestation as Siwa, Sadha Siwa, and Parama Shiva. Dang Hyang Nirarta Rauh also dubbed Wawu Rawuh because he has supernatural abilities that make Dalem Waturenggong was amazed that he was appointed as Bhagawanta (royal priest). When the Bali Dwipa in the Golden Age, because all areas of people's lives is well laid out. Rights and obligations of the nobles governed, law and judicial customs / religion is upheld, the inscriptions which contain the ancestral genealogy of each Soroh / organized clan. Awig-Indigenous Village awig Pekraman made, grown-developed subak organizations and religious activities improved. In addition, he also encouraged the creation of literary works of high quality in the form of papyrus writings, hymns or kekawin. 

Pretended to adore him in the place where he had lived to guide the people are: Purancak, Hair Siwi, Pakendungan, Ulu Watu, Gong Hill, Hill Umbrella, Sakenan, Orange Water, Monument, middlemen, Gowa Lawah, Ponjok Stone, Suranadi (Lombok ), Pangajengan, Masceti, Peti Tenget, Amertasari, Melanting, Pulaki, Bukcabe, Dalem Gandamayu, Pucak Tedung, and others. Dang Hyang Nirartha eventually disappear unseen (moksa) at Pura Uluwatu. (Moksa = union of the atman with the Brahman / Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, died without leaving the body). 

After revealing the true nature Sabdo Palon Nirartha Dang Hyang, and the father of  Marhaen gave me 10 (ten) message from him Dang Hyang Nirartha as follows: 

A. There Tuwi ucaping hajj, the main ngwangun tlaga, their overall status saliunnya, kasor utamannya entomologist for insects, ring the ngangun yadnya linings, kasor Buin yadnyane overall status, Baan suputra satunggal. (Verse 5) 
There are actually saying the science, the main people who built the lake, many hundred, it lost its primacy, by the people who make sacrifices at all, this sacrifice of one hundred, was beaten by a good boy. 

2. Father mituduhin cening, tingkahe menadi pyanak, eda sons kawitan ring, the sampun kaucap garwa, telu ne maadan garwa, their teachers, teachers prabhu, teachers tread tui he added.(Verse 6) 
Father tell his son, procedures for a child, do not be rebellious to the ancestors, those who are called teachers, three of the many so-called teachers, their teachers, teachers prabu, and tread teachers (who teach) it. 

3. Melah pelapanin mamunyi, ida ring dane samian, wangsane kaletehan vat, vat no ngupet manemah, melah alepe magazine, batise twara katanjung, rotten tuara ingsak talent. (Verse 8) 
Better be careful in talking, to everyone, there would be tainted offspring, no one will scold, better be careful in walking, because the foot will not stumble, and will not step on the dirt. 

4. Uli kardinin JWA to weigh, take dadwa gawenang nah, should tingkahe buatang, tingkahe mangelah eyes, gunannya anggon malihat, mamedasin ane worth, da malihat act likewise. (Verse 10)
From now on do, do both of them, priority should be the correct behavior, such as using eye, good to see, pay attention to the correct behavior, do not just look. 

5. Tingkahe mangelah ears, good luck anggon maningehang, ningehang raose melah, resepang pejang in manas, da-dingehang dingeh starch, kranannya mangelah cunguh, anggon ngadek twah point. (Verse 11) 
Usability have ears, actually to hear, hear the words correctly, mark and store in the heart, do all the things heard. 

6. Nanging da adekin starch, mangulah madiman maan, patutang agrasayang nevertheless, can Apang ningkahang JWA, gunan bibih twah mangucap, de mangucap starch kacuh, ne should JWA ucapang. (Verse 12) 
Do things smell, could smell the new pretentious, good-well how to feel, in order to carry it out, use your mouth to speak, not to speak carelessly, the right thing should be spoken. 

7. Ngelah five da ja gudip, nevertheless apikin nyemakang, Apang patute bakatang, wyadin batise tindakang, yatnain twah nyalanang, eda Jawa mangulah behavior, katanjung nahanang Bena. (Verse 13) 
Nosy do not have hands, be careful to use, in order to always get the truth, as well as in the walk, be careful melangkahkannya, if we would stumble to hold (had) it. 

8. Awake worth gawenin, Apang manggih karahaywan, Maren ngertiang da crew, waluya matetanduran, tingkahe ngardinin crew, calm yen twi manandur, John pare twara mupuang. (Verse 14) 
Truth should be done, in order to find salvation, do not cease to do good, supposing like farming, the procedures in the act, if diligently planted, there may not be successful. 

9. Behavior melah pilihin ne, ka anake open market, maidep matetumbasan, still ya nu mamilihin, twara saw many damaged ne, ne twah melah tumbas ipun, submissive behavior mwatang ma ring. (Verse 15) 
Pick a good deed, such as person-to-market, intends want to shop, is also still choose, do not want to buy broken, definitely a good buy, as well as selecting behavior. 

10. Ne melah pilihin behavior, behavior manganggoang da broken, damaged kaucap saluire, Wantah ajinnya insult ya, buine barrel kanggoang children, kija tuara aba behavior, keto cening sujatinnya. (Verse 16) 
Pick a good behavior, do not use bad behavior, utterly contemptible value, plus not appreciated by the public, will not take it anywhere in behavior. 

Finally the father of Marhaen search revealed that the spiritual can be concluded: "So who said"
the Son of Batara Indra "by Jayabaya," Slaves boy "by King Siliwangi, and" Satrio Pinandhito Sinisihan Revelation "by Ronggowarsito it, nothing elseinstead is Sabdo Palon, which actually is Dang Hyang Nirartha / Mpu Dwijendra / Rauh Wawu Rawuh / Mr Semeru. The question now is: There is where he is now that of the signs that have been said that Sabdo Palon has come? of course it's unethical to answer this question. Very sensitive ... It is an area of ​​the holy Kasepuhan, waskitho, ma'rifat and mukasyafah that can find and prove the truth. Spiritual dimension is very difficult and complicated. Do not need a lot of debate, because that was a perk Sabdo Palon to "someone" was a character who clearly has 7 (seven) satrio as it has been revealed by R.Ng. Ronggowarsito, and also has the character of Putra Batara Indra as revealed by Jayabaya. Physically "someone" was marked by holding a pair of heirloom works of his protector Nusantara. " 

"The conclusion finally is: Indra Putra Betara = Slave
Boy = Satrio Pinandhito Sinisihan Revelation as has been said by our ancestors over the archipelago is a figure to expect for the people of this archipelago, which he called" Satrio Piningit ". So, Satrio Piningit (SP) = is a Satrio Pinandhito (SP) = yaitulah Sabdo Palon (SP) = as the Pamomong (SP) = also known as Semar Ponokawan (SP) = holder Sabdo heritage Palon (SP) = be "SP" (?) = precisely in the "SP" (?) = where there is "SP" (?) = with the name "SP" and "SP" (?). Satrio Piningit not claim to be just that he is a Satrio Piningit. But he will "prove" many things that are phenomenal for the benefit of the people of this country. When the time? only Allah knows. Mashallah Subhanallah ... Allah illaha illallah walla haulla wall quwata illah billah ... " 

From what I have revealed so far, hopefully bring many benefits to us all, especially the implicit wisdom of the wills of our ancestors, the ancestors of the archipelago. Being together in the middle of our expectations profanity state of this country will come a bright light in front of us. May God's blessings. 


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