Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Legend of Prambanan Temple

Once upon a time, in Prambanan, Java Island, there were two Hindu kingdoms, Pengging Kingdom and Kraton Boko (kraton means traditional kingdom in Java). Pengging Kingdom was prosperous and rich, leaded by a wise king named Prabu Damar Moyo, with his son, Raden Bandung Bondowoso.

Kraton  Boko was in the area of Pengging kingdom, leaded by a cruel king, and bully, he wasn’t looked like a human being. He looked like a giant who ate human flesh, named Prabu Boko. But, nobody couldn’t understand how,  Prabu Boko had a beautiful prince, as beautiful as a fairy. Her Name was Princess Loro Jonggrang.

Prabu Boko also had a governor, a giant too, named Patih Gupolo. Prabu Boko wanted to rebel and dominated Pengging kingdom, so he and Patih Gupolo gathered their strength and food by training the soldiers and asked the people for their foods.
After they had had enough preparation, Prabu Boko and the soldiers went to Pengging kingdom to rebel. Then the war came between the soldiers of Pengging kingdom and Kraton Boko.

Many people were dying there, from both sides. The hunger and poverty came because of the war. Knowing the suffering people and dying soldiers, Prabu Damar Moyo sent his son Raden Bandung Bondowoso to fight Prabu Boko. They fought greatly, and because Raden Bandung Bondowoso was very strong, Prabu Boko could be beaten. Patih Gupolo saw that, and then he ran away. Raden Bandung Bondowoso chased after Patih Gupolo to Kraton Boko.

In Kraton Boko, Patih Gupolo reported to Princess Loro Jonggrang about her father’s shellacking, killed by Bandung Bondowoso. Then Princess Loro Jonggrang cried, she was sad because of the death of her father.
Raden Bandung Bondowoso arrived in Kraton Boko, and he was shocked of the beautiful Princess Loro Jonggrang, and he wanted to marry her.

Princess Loro Jonggrang didn’t want to marry him, since he killed her father in the war. To reject his marriage proposal kindly, she had an idea. She said she only wanted to marry Raden Bandung Bondowoso if he could fulfill two conditions. First, she wanted to get a well and the second condition, Princess Loro Jonggrang wanted 1000 temples in one night.

Raden Bandung bondowoso accepted those two conditions, then he made a well, named Jalatunda,, and after he had finished the well, he called Princess Loro Jonggrang to see the well.

Princess Loro Jonggrang asked Raden Bandung Bondowoso to get into the well. After he had been in there, Princess Loro Jonggrang asked Patih Gupolo to heap the well up with stones. Princess Loro Jonggrang and Patih Gupoolo thought that Bandung Bondowoso was dying in the well, but unfortunately, he wasn’t. He meditated to get out from the well, and He got out safely.
Raden Bandung Bondowoso met Princess Loro Jonggrang and was very angry because of what she had done. But Princess Loro jonggrang was too beautiful, he couldn’t angry anymore and finally his anger gone.

Princess Loro Jonggrang asked the second condition about 1000 temples in a night. With his supernatural power, Raden Bondowoso immediately asked genies to make the temple.

They worked greatly. Bandung Bondowoso got a huge number of genies. The temple had been half done, even it is still very long time before morning. Princess Loro Jonggrang saw that. Of course it was possible for the temples to be done in a night. She wanted to baffle Bandung Bondowoso and stopped him. She ordered the girls in the kingdom to pound and burn straw to make the entire kingdom bright and noisy as it was in the morning. The cocks crowed as the activities began there.

The genies saw those activities, the light in the east, and the cocks’ crow, then they stopped working. They reported to Raden Bandung Bondowoso that they couldn’t make it on time, they missed one temple. Princess Loro jonggrang came, and she counted the temples, and the genies were right, there were only 999 temples. Princess Loro Jonggrang then refused the marriage, as Raden bandung Bondowoso couldn’t finish 1000 temples.

Raden Bandung bondowoso had a feeling that it hadn’t been morning yet. And of course he realized that he had been tricked by Princess Loro Jonggrang as the real sun arose. Raden Bandung Bondowoos was very angry and he said to Princess Loro Jonggrang, “I need one more temple to complete all of these temples. Let you be the thousandth temple!” And once again with his supernatural work, Princess Loro Jonggrang was changed into a stone statue.

And until now, the statue of Loro jonggrang still remains in Prambanan Temple, and Raden Bandung Bondowoso cursed every girl around Prambanan so they became perawan kasep(old virgin) because they had helped Princess Loro Jonggrang.

And the old people believe anyone who date in Prambanan Temple will broke up.


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