Monday, September 26, 2011

Tactics and Strategy for Marine Forces Majapahit

Majapahit Navy or Marine forces in the reign of King Hayam Wuruk (1351-1389) during the life of Mahapatih Gajahmada and Admiral Mpu Nala have the equipment or sea warfare defense equipment that is the most advanced warships equipped with the powerful weapon of its time in the form of "cetbang" cannon creation Gajah Mada, therefore it is also a powerful ruler of the waters of the Southern Hemisphere. Combat maneuver formations (title tactics of war) Majapahit warships advanced course when dealing with the enemy at sea. With the ability to hold a variety of combat formations at sea, among others: "Chakra Manggilingan", "Supit Urang" (shrimp-flops), "horse shoe", "scorpion", "Fast Arrow", "Linear Horse" is not an enemy ship can escape from the pursuing group of Majapahit fleet of warships.

In a naval battle when the two fleet strength a few tens of ships facing each other, then the leadership group that oversees the fleet of warships dozens of his followers first ship to do is ask for a report of the review interpreter who sat on top of the tower flag vessels which served to assess the strength and number of the enemy fleet approaching and is expected to make a direct assault. And more importantly his war strategy is the formation of what was being compiled by the enemy fleet. A large enemy force and the opening title "Linear Horse" whose form is rarely encountered by a wide fleet of Majapahit. In the event of a naval battle and the power of Majapahit was just half of his opponent who held a sea battle formation "Linear Horse" then the usual battle formation selected is "Fast Arrow". Formation composed of two warships and multi-layered, so long as an arrow. Who held a fleet battle formation "Fast Arrow" is aimed at advanced through the enemy warships continue to penetrate the large and redundant power. Movement "Fast Arrow" This should be done with great courage against an enemy which is much larger and intended to go on breaking the opponent's defense, and moving forward through it while firing ammunition and rammed enemy ships must be accompanied with a fast and remain disciplined to maintain the line, and then take the help of other Majapahit fleet.

When the fleet of Majapahit in the position of the enemy as described above, which is being held "Linear Horse" then it usually led the fleet ordered to sign interpreter flag to put the war changed the title to "Supit Urang" (shrimp-flops) that can be viewed and implemented by all Majapahit fleet force members. The title "shrimp-flops" agile movement is attacking and pinning the enemy ship by parts of the weakest of the rear "Linear Horse" warship that is on the left end of the line began to separate right, and forward at high speed, usually in the position it occupied fast attack boats are small.

And when the fleet of Majapahit in the position of the enemy as described above is being held "Fast Arrow" and face "shrimp-flops", then the interpreter will flag fleet commanded by Majapahit led to immediately change the title of the tactics of war to "Scorpions". Scorpions usually has a tail that is very dangerous because it moves swiftly to and fro while plugging in a venomous sting. Other movements in the title of "Scorpion" is two on the left and right hand near the head of the Scorpion is able to move strongly in any direction while firing cetbang, crashed his ship and capable of pinning the enemy.

If the title of "Scorpion" is successfully facing the larger enemy fleet, then as the ultimate enemy to destroy them, then the fleet of Majapahit once again began to change the title so as to form " Chakra Manggilingan" which is usually used by the Army in the war of Majapahit bellows or total facing opponents who are balanced on an open battlefield. Majapahit army troops made ​​up of various divisions, namely the division of infantry or foot soldiers, cavalry divisions or horsemen, and divisional troops Elephant or troops Tank. Forces comprised of army foot sword, spear troops, and troops arrows. Forces with arrows and spears could also come up the stage so it can catapult an elephant and an arrow or spear to be better targeted on the enemy.

The New tactics of war "Chakra Manggilingan" was held after the battle, the title which opened at sea was indeed an advanced degree to move "enemy extermination". The elephants were guarded by troops of the foot, because the heel of the elephant is the weakest part, moving forward to attack enemies quickly. While a small group of horsemen had earlier opened the way for war elephants on his back holding a spear soldiers archers and soldiers. A small group of enemy troops almost surprised by the arrival of horses, made ​​even more surprised to be visited an elephant whose feet destroy anything that stepped on, and bursts rained arrows and spears keep the enemy group.

In the naval war fleet of Majapahit title Chakra Manggilingan then it opened and began to swarm over enemy alone. Combined fast boats, destroyers, and ship supplies (food and ammunition) pursuit of the enemy force is smaller and destroy them. And when the sun began to sink, then the naval battle during the Majapahit that by itself would be terminated. Similarly, in the ground war, so it was dark then each troop that fought each other it will decide to break.

The next day, Fleet Majapahit who take full advantage of the rising sun the day before it went into effect in battle formation the title of "horse shoe" and surrounded the enemy began moving weak. No matter how wide the field of marine positions that are breaking down the enemy will never give up but it should be closed with the strength and number of warships Majapahit available, so the distance between the ships to be rather broad depending on the arena of the battlefield than the ocean that is boiling. That courage Majapahit naval forces ashore persist during the battle on the field of ocean archipelago and in the corners of the other southern parts of the earth.


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