Monday, August 8, 2011

The Sabdopalon Prophecy

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot, and I’ve been looking for something new to research. I’ve been discussing about prophecies with an old friend of mine who I haven’t met since we graduated high school together. Not everybody can take prophecies seriously, I mean, who would want to believe in something so vague? My friend told me that he read in the news how a shaman foretold the things that would happen to Indonesia in 2011. SBY won’t be as powerful, and apparently there will be someone who is the descendant of the three Indonesian Kingdoms (Majapahit, Mataram, – and another one which he forgot) who will bring Indonesia back to its golden era.
I thought to myself, that sounds like the Sabdopalon Prophecy. Sabdopalon was the spiritual advisor of King Brawijaya V, the last King of the Majapahit Dynasty.

Indonesia’s most powerful kingdom between the 14th to the 15th Century. Their domain stretched all the way to Cambodia. During King Brawijaya V’s rule, Islam was introduced into Java, and King Brawijaya’s descendants all turned Islamic, and started a new Islamic Kingdom called in Demak, Central Java. Majapahit Kingdom was a Hindu-Budhhist kingdom, and due to the quick spread of Islam, the power of Majapahit slowly disappeared. Some of the devout Hindu/Buddhist followers from the kingdom fled to Bali, some remain hidden and became the people of Tengger (East Java), some became the Baduy (West Java), and many more ethnic communities in Indonesia.

At the brink of Majapahit’s destruction, King Brawijaya V was in Blambangan, East Java. He was with his two loyal servants Sabdopalon and Nayagenggong. They were standing next to a water source. All of a sudden Sunan Kalijaga came and talked to the King (Sunan Kalijaga was one of the 9 Islamic religious leaders who helped Demak attack Majapahit). Sunan Kalijaga wanted the King to become a Muslim himself. After being persuaded, King Brawijaya V agreed to turn himself into a Muslim and said the holy sentence which reads “I believe that Muhammad is the messenger of God”. After becoming Muslim, King Brawijaya V asked his loyal servants Sabdopalon and Nayagenggong to become Muslims too. They vehemently refused.

Sabdopalon said harshly:
“Hamba tak mau masuk Islam Sang Prabu, sebab saya ini raja serta pembesar Dang Hyang se tanah Jawa. Saya ini yang membantu anak cucu serta para raja di tanah jawa. Sudah digaris kita harus berpisah.
“I am the King of all of the Spirits in the land of Java. I have lived to serve the descendants of the Javanese Kings. This is where we part.”

This story had been written in many prophecies and ancient letters, and the verses after that tells how disappointed Sabdopalon was of his King. He said that as a Javanese King he should have a Javanese spirituality, the Kawruh, now more well known as Kejawen. Sabdopalon and Nayagenggong refused to become Muslims, and before Sabdopalon disappears he said:

Kelak setelah 500 tahun saya akan mengganti agama Budha lagi (maksudnya Kawruh Budi), saya sebar seluruh tanah Jawa. Bila ada yang tidak mau memakai, akan saya hancurkan. Menjadi makanan jin setan dan lain-lainnya. Belum legalah hati saya bila belum saya hancur leburkan. Saya akan membuat tanda akan datangnya kata-kata saya ini. Bila kelak Gunung Merapi meletus dan memuntahkan laharnya. Lahar tersebut mengalir ke Barat Daya. Baunya tidak sedap. Itulah pertanda kalau saya datang. Sudah mulai menyebarkan agama Buda (Kawruh Budi). Kelak Merapi akan bergelegar. Itu sudah menjadi takdir Hyang Widhi bahwa segalanya harus bergantian. Tidak dapat bila diubah lagi.

“500 years from now I will return and change the spirituality, and spread it all around Java. Those who refuse will be diminished, they will be food for the demons, I won’t be satisfied until they are all shattered. When Mount Merapi erupts and its lava and ashes fall to the southwest with a terrible smell, that is the signal that I will be coming soon.”

The return of Sabdopalon also marks the end of Zaman Kalabendu/Zaman Edan (Crazy Era), and Nusantara will be back to its Golden Era. Sabdopalon asked his King whether he is 100% sure that he wanted to be a Muslim, the King said yes. Sabdopalon said that if he meditated, and the water from the water source lets out a beautiful smell, it means that the King was sure that he wanted to change his religion into Islam, and Sabdopalon and Nayagenggo would have to leave him. Sabdopalon meditated, and the water released a beautiful smell. Sabdopalon and Nayagenggo disappeared. Now, Blambangan is known as Banyuwangi, which means ‘fragrant water’.

King Jayabaya, who ruled in Kediri around the 12th Century also predicted similar events. His prophecies are called the Jangka Jayabaya. It is told that when Sabdopalon returns, he will be followed Ratu Adil, who will bring justice to the nation. Many theories have been communicated through the years. People wanted to analyse and find out who will Sabdopalon return as? As himself? As another person? What about Ratu Adil (Queen of justice)?

Kelik Supriyanto wrote a book called “Ramalan Sabdopalon”, and his theory says that 500 years after the event above happened is exactly in 1978. That year, Buddhism was officially recognised as a religion in Indonesia. In 1978, Buddhism started to develop and grow again in Indonesia. Another theory stated that in 1978 the Hindu and Buddhist feasts happened on the same day, and Merapi erupted. However many people still think that the calculation may be wrong and Sabdopalon still hasn’t returned. However a lot of signs and signals can be seen around the country.
This is all very interesting to me. I’ll try to keep an open mind, and I hope all of you do too.


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