Friday, July 29, 2011

Psychic Predictions for 2011

WE ALL LONG to know what's going to happen in the future. We've seen predictions for 2011 from readers, but what do the professionals have to say? Here are some predictions for 2011 from some of the leading psychics, seers and mentalists from around the world.

LaMont Hamilton

• Revolt in Cuba by summer's end, food shortages become an issue.
• Debate over Creation Theory vs. Evolution will find both are partially right.
• Mandates for a cashless society by 2012 will begin.
• Major bartering site opens up on the Internet like eBay.
• Several more cruise ships will be damaged/sink at sea.
• States initiate move to leave the Union; Hawaii/Alaska will be first.
• Major discoveries involving lost civilizations in the U.S. will be found during the second half of the year.
• Eiffel tower attacked and partially damaged.
• Post office see major loses in revenue again this year.
• MySpace sold/merges with Facebook.
• Terrorist will attack a cruise ship in the ocean/port this year.
• Accident/mishap seen around actor, Steven Segall


• 2012 will loom large over the next year: this could mean possible earthquakes and assassinations toward the end of 2011.
• The Playboy Mansion will burn down.
• A gold rush will occur in Hawaii.
• Michelle Obama will have another baby.
• Sarah Palin will get divorced.
• The first brain transplant will take place.
• A huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia.
• A horseshoe-shaped UFO will be spotted over Roswell, New Mexico.
• Lady Gaga will try out acting.
• Natalie Portman will win an Oscar for Black Swan.
• Hilary Clinton will win the Nobel Peace Prize.
• A bionic eye will be invented by a French scientist.
• A big computer virus will take out large swathes of communication for a 48-hour period, which could affect air travel.

Sidney Friedman

• Lady Gaga becomes a university teacher.
• A photo shows Justin Bieber kissing and groping with two women.
• Colin Firth and Natalie Portman win Oscars.
• U.S. economy continues to improve, slowly but surely.
• A major league baseball player inexplicably dies on the field.
• An explosion in the sky in the middle part of the U.S.
• A major bridge malfunction in New York City.
• Part of either New York City or Washington D.C. goes dark, perhaps as a result of some tremors.
• Earthquake activity in the Midwest and eastern part of the United States.
• New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be the Republican front-runner among Republicans.
• Malicious cyber attacks on Apple operating systems and on smartphones increases dramatically.

Judy Hevenly

• Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage produces a girl.
• Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell (New York heiress) wed.
• Academy Award winners: Best Film, The Social Network; Best Director, David Fincher for The Social Network; Best Actor, Colin Firth; Best Actress, Natalie Portman; Animation Feature, Toy Story 3.
• Stephen Hawkins nominated for a Nobel Prize.
• Discovery of gold in Jamaica.
• Fidel Castro's death will unleash a popular revolt against Cuba's communist establishment.
• An electricity outage in Las Vegas.
• Another eruption of Iceland's volcano will cause havoc for air travel.
• A new solution to the common cold in the form of a special steel pendant.
• Sarah Palin announces her candidacy for president.


• President Obama will be face problems not faced by any other U.S. president.
• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be caught on camera "broken and devastated."
• Billionaire Bill Gates will enter politics.
• U.S. airports will be the target of terrorist attempts because of weak points.
• WikiLeaks will expose financial scandals.
• A major assassination will be hailed as the crime of the century.
• A disaster will bring Israel closer to its neighbors.

Diane McGill

• With the economy being at a low, more people will realize that they need to spend more time with loved ones,
• By February, the economy will see a jump.
• By mid-summer there will be a baby boom for those in strong, committed relationships.
• This will be a quick winter.
• President Barack Obama will be pulling out more U.S. troops this year.

The Psychic Twins (Terry and Linda Jamison)

• Obama will not be re-elected.
• Do not underestimate the power of Sarah Palin. More women will come into power in politics and the corporate business world as more women will become the CEOs of fortune 500 companies.
• Job recoveries, especially in the second half of this year, albeit they are slow job recoveries.
• The auto industry, healthcare industry, scientific technology services, engineering, finance and accounting field will provide most of the job opportunities.
• Medical breakthroughs for diseases such as cancer in general, including lung cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, as well as diabetes, heart diseases.
• In medical diagnosis, people will be able to swallow small cameras in order to have them diagnosed.
Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker
• Two massive industrial accidents: India has a nuclear disaster, China a huge chemical factory explosion.
• Leading politician dies in a plane crash.
• Paul McCartney makes a record with Yoko Ono in honor of John Lennon.
• Denial of service attack on USA banks by foreign country causes failures to Internet.
• Tropical Island is evacuated due to volcanic eruption.
• Earthquake in California and the famous Hollywood sign is damaged.
• Wild animal disease scare results in mass slaughter of livestock.
• Spring will see angry demonstrations over wage and pension cuts
• In February the Beckhams reveal that are planning a divorce.


• At the end of the year solar activity will get worse, peaking in 2012.
• When solar activity increases, heavy storms will hit US coastal areas.
• The end of the Catholic Church will happen in the period 2011-2012.
• War could break out between India and Pakistan / China; India will win the war if it will happen in 2011-2012.
• Global economic collapse; Europe is big trouble.
• If Israel attacks Iran, the so-called World War III will start. If Israel does not attack Iran, it will be destroyed.
• Massive floods and rains will hit the earth worse than in 2010.
• Massive earthquake in Western Hemisphere.
• The president of the Arab Republic of Egypt Muhammad Hosni Mubarak will die at the end of the year 2010 or in 2011.
• Pope Benedict will die in 2011-2012.


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